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  1. React to this, Comment that you did, get a cookie and a cat/dog pic! NOW GO!
  2. Hey! i was wondering if i have a completely empty server, with just worldedit and skript with the addons (without sk files) would this schematic i add (via /schematic load) handle it? ESTIMATED BUILD SIZE: 350x350 MINECRAFT VERSION: 1.8+ FILE TYPE: .schematic
  3. Raged__


    woww. didn't think this form of low iq would still exist..
  4. Alrighty! lemme just change it for a bit and ill update the picture
  5. I just finished a Minehut 2020 Winter banner.Enjoy! Note: I created it just for fun, they're not gonna use it. but Hey! admins, if you're reading this and you want to use it just hmu on Discord OofySnowy#0001
  6. already found one 2 days after the post hes awesome
  7. I'm looking for professional skripters. Must have: - Good Skripts - familiar with skript addons - should have 1.5 or more years of experience. - should show me some of his past skripts. dm me on discord at Raged__#9644
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