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  1. Post this in the suggestions forum. Itll probably get answered quicker there.
  2. Skript NPC Skript addon that allows you to manipulate virtually anything about an NPC, including pathfinders, AI, Dialogue, attack radius, etc. Skript Extras Skript addon that adds many features to skript, including stuff for farming, mining, and pvp that arent in normal skript Skript Reqn Please we are begging for this plugin
  3. Is your shift button stuck? stop eating while playing minecraft
  4. I've been playing Minehut since summer of 2016, and its probably given me some of the most memorable and cherished memories of my life. I've met so many awesome and interesting people that I still talk to this day. However, as time goes on, especially with the introduction of Super League as our new overlords, it has occurred to me that almost every single one of my 2016-2017 friends have left Minehut because of, you guessed it, Super League. I personally have no vendetta against Super league, and believe they have implemented many elements to minehut that have improved it greatly, and th
  5. Sh0ot

    Do you remember...

    Werent you admin on kingdoms?
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