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  1. you're papi 😉

  2. you ban yourself using the console in the server panel. also, how do I build a house for my server?
  3. don't worry, here. take a photo of me.
  4. Wolfeee_


    hey, how about we start a "yes" chain.. I will start it. yes
  5. .. @Smanassa this thread is over 2 months old. please don't necro-post! Hey, @Vinixs sorry again but uhh.. we need another thread lock.
  6. Thanks again @Vinixs

    1. Kendalp8642


      may I barrow a appeal format...

  7. @Vinixs Hey, if you don't mind then can you please lock this? Also, @SayImHackin this thread is definitely not a year old. December was almost 6 months ago, so half of a year ago.
  8. @e8p Love you too (This wont get locked until May 10th, if anybody replies to it since the necro-posting time is 1 month. Hopefully I explained this a bit better.)
  9. @Migqy Alright, thanks! I'll use this as a future reference
  10. @Elektrodes How would I send a action bar to a player?
  11. @DuhDuhDUH You must of done something wrong then, because the skript works perfectly fine for me.
  12. 17b91c1aeac5b10f222c862933f0d2d0.png 

    Wow, Benny (who is chill as poop) actually checked out my profile lol. 🙂 @BennyDoesStuff ily.. (no homo though xd)

  13. @DuhDuhDUH Okay, to fix that issue you must do /gencap <yourname> reset to reset the amount of gens you placed. Make sure to remove the current one you placed down! Also, to make sure that when players join it sets their gen cap to 0 do this: on first join: set {gencap::%player's uuid%} to 0
  14. Simple Dupe Skript... What does it do?: - This skript let's you toggle the way to dupe and let's you dupe your items. - The skript will be helpful for those who want to make a dupe server. How to set it up!: Okay, to setup this skript as you may have seen in my last skript you need to navigate back to the script folder. You then need to add the file into the folder itself, and paste the skript into it. Once you paste it in, go back to your game. Also, you must name the file "filenamehere.sk" (include the .sk because it wont save if you don't add the .sk at the end) and then go back
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