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  1. It just randomly started working again.
  2. on first join: broadcast "&2&l(SERVER NAME) &8» &a%player% &7has joined the server for the first time! &8[&7#&a1&8]"
  3. Crates Skript Hi! This skript is made for people who are crates plus users but can't use it because Mine Hut doesn't want to fix the plugin. This has a crates plus type feeling to it and is very easy on the server and easy to use in general, with in-game editing and only 2 permissions. Obviously it's a little bit less advanced than crates plus but gets the job done, and if you want to check it out, that would be awesome! YOU NEED THESE ADDONS: #Permissions #crates.admin - Use /crates (admin commands) #crates.break - Ability to shift-click crates and break them #If you need any support, contact me on discord # Discord: Cheesy#3351 #Any updates will be posted in the forum post PREFIX (AZURE MINES) CAN BE CHANGED IN THE SKRIPT! Pictures: HOW TO ADD THE SKRIPT TO YOUR SERVER: If you don't already know how to add the skript to your server, all you need to do is make sure you have skript, go to file manager, plugins/Skript/scripts, and put this file inside! Crates.sk
  4. Hi, I recently decided to open my mine hut server again after a while from hibernation, but I realized everything I had with titles and subtitles were not working, did something happen while I was gone where mine hut disabled them or something?
  5. Bossiest

    Server not Starting

    It looks like this problem has already been discovered and is trying to be resolved by senior staff members. (Staff member said that in chat)
  6. Bossiest

    Server not Starting

    That's the issue, I can't see any of my settings as you can see in the first picture.
  7. Bossiest

    Server not Starting

    Hi, I am having troubles opening my server. Every now and then the server randomly closes when it's perfectly fine and the TPS is 20 and it goes into hibernation. When I try to open the server it finishes the 30 seconds and I click on control panel but it just takes me back to the hibernation screen, if I click on dashboard I see this. If I try to stop my server I get this error, If I try to restart the server I get this,
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