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  1. Can you message me the link on Discord? I can't find it anywhere
  2. We're strict when it comes to things like this, Minehut is a service to create a server, and like any other minecraft server out there, we don't allow advertising other servers unless given permission. The likely reason behind your appeal being denied is because you can only appeal punishments with 2+ weeks remaining
  3. Mongosk? Is that mongodb in skript or did you mean MundoSK
  4. Locked for Necroposting, please don't reply to a post over a month old unless it is still relevant.
  5. Ah alright, I thought I used it recently
  6. All my favorite staff: Nimmz That one guy that had the name "RileyDatLord" Also the guy with "ReportCards" as a past name Nah but seriously, this is my opinion and no hard feelings against anyone @ThatOneSponk | Cool new jr mod guy that does dev stuff @chillins | Moderator guy that is funny and @TehRaptor | I've known him for a while, he kinda cool
  7. Yeah but there's some endpoints I'm pretty sure that require you to be on the same network or smth
  8. ReportCards

    veinminer help

    From some searching I did I found out that netherite tools don't work in veinmeiner yet, once an update comes out for the plugin you can request it on the forums
  9. This is probably an issue either because there's a server with the name or the name you are inputting is deemed inappropriate
  10. Can you please provide more information, what browser are you using? And what are the steps to reproducing the issue.
  11. Thank you This shouldn't be too hard to fix as I've explained in a past reply as well, another solution could to always send a special header with the requests and block any requests that contain that header
  12. Yeah, there's probably a way to block this from happening easily though, e.g detecting where it comes from, or editing the source to block certain url's
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