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  1. yeah I will submit a support ticket to see if they can fix this bug.
  2. I tried this. I even tried force hibernation and it didn't work. and after trying multiple times my server doesn't even start now. great.
  3. Hey. I want to reset my whole server and when I go to the danger zone tab and click "Reset" and confirm & restart, nothing happens. It is still the same old server. I even tried force hibernating my server but that didn't work either. This has been happening since the 1.17 updates for minehut. I am using 1.16.5 Paper btw.
  4. just get carrot anti cheat lol
  5. Fox Anti Cheat The best anti-cheat for Skript! Features: - Optimized - Easy to use - Easy to customize Checks: - Fly - Killaura - Clickaura - Auto Sneak - Nuker - Jesus - Reach - High Jump - Scaffold - Autoclicker Requirements: - Skript - SkQuery You can buy the anti-cheat here: https://gum.co/dFPQP (Only $4.99 a month with Regular Updates!) DM me if you want to arrange a testing session before purchasing!
  6. thank you everyone for the information! also sorry for posting in the wrong channel I thought it was done via skript.
  7. Hey. I recently seen some servers "reward" their players for /advertising in the minehut lobby. I wanted to know how to do that
  8. Parsafari

    hibernation problem

    Your server will stay active as long as there is at least 1 player online on it.
  9. Advanced Animated ScoreboardOptimized & Animated Scoreboards for your Minecraft Server!Features: Animated Scoreboards Optimized (No Lag) Customizable Dependencies: Skript SkRayfall Video Tutorial:Commands: /aas - Information about the script /sk reload AdvancedAnimatedScoreboard - Reloads the script Download:Download Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/advanced-animated-scoreboard.89612/
  10. I'm trying to write a script using the Skript Plugin and when I reload the code it says Successfully reloaded but when I run the command it says "an internal error has occured while attempting to perform this command" and in the console it says it's an issue with skript and you can't fix it. what should I do? I have no skript addons installed except TusKe here is my code: command /backpack: aliases: bp trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 2 named "Enchantments" to player format gui slot 4 of player with clock named "&b&lEnchantment Shop" with lore "
  11. hey, so I'm planning to buy Pro or Legend rank soon and I want to know that what are the /ad cooldowns for all ranks? ty
  12. hey, I am curios about that how many subscribers and videos do you need to apply for the [YOUTUBE] rank?
  13. ok so I just missed the christmas sale and I'm wondering when is the next sale? will it be as cool as the first one? (like 75% off legend etc.). ty
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