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  1. no chocolate What is your iq (take an iq test)
  2. connerAMD


    I made an appeal for the server and its been almost a week and the staff hasn't read my appeal, I used to get a response from staff after around 15 hours of my appeal. pls help Also my account got hacked and ive been using another account and i changed it's name to conneramd so if i get unbanned, staff, please unban my new account and not my old one.
  3. great idea, cant really say yes or no since im banned from minehut but i agree that they should add that!
  4. connerAMD

    Skript does not work.

    args-1 -> arg-1
  5. connerAMD

    is mh gone?

    I keep getting kicked from the minehut servers, is this the last time we can play minehut? MAYBE?
  6. Heyyy!! I just got muted for a week and 5 days for reporting a player

  7. connerAMD

    My server won't start.

    My server wont seem to start, I've tried to start it over and over and its not starting.
  8. connerAMD


    Hello! im trying to make a scoreboard skript and i cant quite get one working
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