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  1. Topic Locked. Please do not reply on month-old forum threads.
  2. give player's tool to player
  3. ign: hahaConner discord: conner#0069 yo if i win then uh, I'll make a ban appeal
  4. connerAMD


    whats that
  5. like farwl said, Report the server also don't put it in General.
  6. 1. 2017 2. i had a gen server it had 10 players consistently (it got griefed and the minehut staff didnt care so i just quit making servers until like 2018)
  7. it was a prison server that had like 20 enchants and it was really good for its time. It wasn't like any other prison server you'd see on minehut, it was very unique.
  8. the prison server zones was pretty sick i tried remaking it a bunch of times
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