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  1. "Thank you to Rewrr for being supportive of who I am and always being by my side." OMG my heart pixel such a player
  2. Pixelific, he gave me the most attention he a DILF xox o and ceppy... ig
  3. I saw your post on how Minehut is damaging their own community. Tbh I completely agree about how you said its turning more into a company than community, as i've been playing minehut for over 4 years now every year you see a difference, in how minehut is getting further and further from their community and their needs. Back in 2016 you could make changes in minehut from a vote, or if you were close with staff members. The players really liked Tournaments and 3v3s and that brought together a stable community who genuinely enjoyed being competitive together while being friendly, and sometimes th
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