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Found 14 results

  1. Hello I'm 91 I've been on Minehut for a long time but I didn't introduce myself on the forums since I wasn't active on there. you most likely have seen me on Minehut at least once or twice in the lobby. I'm mostly staff on ValkNet which is a pretty top tier server. I like anime as you can tell from my profile picture, and hope to be staff on Minehut eventually. I mostly just play video games and am good at math. Like I said I have not been active on forums forever so I'm just here to introduce myself officially after too long. You'll probably see a handful of replies here and there and stuff. By the way I like typing extremely longer than I'm supposed to because I'm bored and I like writing. It's my favorite thing other than math, video games, and basketball. And yes I like basketball, it's pretty fun even though I suck at it. ~91919
  2. Hello lad, here's a quick intro about myself. I promise not to waste too much of your time. I'm Attentious (Attent for short), I've been on minehut for a good 3-4 years possibly, more likely 3 I'm sure. Loved all the experiences I've gone through whilst on here. Was a VIP, then achieved [BUILDER] winning a competition with my good buddies, achieved [JR.MOD] for a short duration of time until I left (Would not like to speak of at this current time). Met a great load of amazing people I'm still friends with. Haven't made a server in a decent time though, I usually chill in the lobby meeting people/or talking. Personal Parts - Love to draw (Still learning) will finally be getting a drawing tablet soon though! Very excited. - Live-stream sometimes, but completely different games. - I play soccer occasionally - All time absolutely favorite game is Animal Crossing, ᴹᵃʳᶜʰ ²⁰, ²⁰²⁰ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) of course though, Minecraft easily second. That's the basics I guess, get a little knowledge bout me aye? Anyways, thanks for viewing; see you lad.
  3. Fun fact I never did introduce myself on minehut haha GAMINGER'S INTRODUCTION (AND POSSIBLE FAREWELL :O) TO MINEHUT [OFFICIAL] [VIRAL] [GONE WRONG] [POOR GRAMMAR] Im Gaminger, and I am an old minecraft player who quit playing minecraft for technically 1 year, pratically 2 years. Right now I'm on the university doing meth maths (Not kidding), trying to learn new stuff about this amazing science. Oddly enough im 19 years old and I live on earth. Enough of the self doxing. CHAPTER 1 - THE BEGGINING I joined minehut on December 2015 (Preparing to receive comments such as "OH IM WAY MORE OG THAN YOU HAHA"). I originally was not planning on staying here on minehut but after joining some player servers (namely MikeTheAngel's Sumo server), I decided to stick in. There were some legit good minecraft player servers back at the time and I had a good time playing on them. I also started to play on warzone. Back at the time, minehut was mchost lol. Back in my day the player with the highest level on warzone was just 70 and I was starting to catch him up. I wasn't that good at pvp as some of you may think I was, but I was legit good with them bows and rushing wools. Eventually I started doing a server of my own: Super Smash Mobs. It had 4 kits and 1 map. It didn't last long but it was nevertheless my first player server After that I joined Miners: The true mining server experience by Draconium. Well tbh it did only have a few mines but it was fun to play and it was one of the servers that lead to the appearing of many 5 minute made bad mining servers. Next I joined the new version of Draconium's Miners server, which had more mines and had alot of more ranks. I quickly became the richiest player there for no real reason really, but again the old fun days of minehut... CHAPTER 2 - BECOMING KNOWN ON WARZONE, VALOR, TEAMGG, WHATEVS... Soon I started to play more on warzone because I really liked it: It was just like the defend the monument from Avicus (an old server that now is down I think). Warzone had kits which could be bought permanently with the use of coins. As time passed, more kits were added until one day Big Spender was added. Big Spender had a cost of 10000 coins (Lets say you had to play ALOT to be able to buy this kit), and it was basically a bragging rights kit because only the no lifers of warzone could buy it (AKA me and in the future shadow). It had gold armor, gold axe, gold sword, a sunflower named coin toss (which on right click would make you throw a coin at the cost of one coin), glass and a bow. If the coin hit any opposite team members it would throw them back (which was heck useful). With time I was able to buy it, and I remember being the first one to ever buy it (aside from probably Luuke cuz you know tests and stuff). Soon after I was able to reach level 100 on warzone which back at the time was a huge feat. And I just summarized May 2016 to beggining of June 2016 lol CHAPTER 3 - COOKIECLICKERPOCALYPSE And then KaguraMVP (AKA Kagaroo) appeared, and created a cookie clicker server with the help of some people. Shortly after its great success, many cookie clicker servers started to rise, and soon half of minehut was clicker servers. Great job Fagapoo. During this time ivan_126 appeared - A really bad player with bad intents. He used to grief servers and he had staff ranks on most minehut player servers. In the end I think he got banned but im not sure because if he was then at some point he had to get unbanned. CHAPTER 4 - META For some stupid reason a warzone team started to rise - META. The best of warzone joined that team, and it became the strongest warzone team that has ever appeared on the story of minehut. But since players from the META would most of the time join the red team (#metared) and I would most of the time join blue, I ended up fighting against META most of the time. I lost a good number of matches but I was also able to defeat META many times (fun fact the team was soooooo original that their messages where just "#meta[something]". For example "#metawin", "#metared", "#metakms", the last one obviously being a joke). During this time Pixelific appeared, and there was this one day where Luuke and all his staff members decided to use girl in bikini skins and open a starbucks on the minehut lobby. It was sure fun while it lasted haha During this time Elimination also appeared. Elimination was a server made by Luuke with 2 gamemodes - Infection and TDM with one life (SORRY IF I CAN'T REMEMBER THE GAMEMODE NAMES). It was a fun server to play in, and it shared levels with warzone. CHAPTER 5 - WHAT IS LIKE ALLOW SWEARING, CAPS AND CURSING ON MINEHUT One day Luuke had the brilliant idea of allowing players to swear, use caps and cuss on minehut. The days after that were chaotic. People would swear non stop on warzone. Things got soo bad pretty quickly that some time after the rule was added back. It was fun while it lasted I guess xD During this time I was creating a minehut player server named Super Mario Kart or something. Trying to use the new power of texture pack uploading that minehut had, I created a server based on the SNES game Super Mario Kart using ice and boats. Sadly I never released it because I couldn't get some key elements to work properly. CHAPTER 6 - DDTSPRISON AND THE BEGGINING OF MY STORY AS THE DRAMA KING. THE WHAT WE THOUGHT WOULD BE THE END OF MINEHUT. I started the development of DDTSPrison: A classic prison server just like the old days of beta minecraft where you only had a few ranks and you had to get everything all by yourself. It took me a while to build it, and I was legit happy with what I got. Many would join the server because it was fun to play on it. I got guards to walk around and even sort of roleplay by telling people to give contraband stuff if players were caught with them. During these days the forums were filled with drama. And I, using this opportunity, joined in by doing even more drama. I would be there all day all time doing drama. Things got to the point that the forums were filled with soo much drama that it was unbearable. Futhermore, things were not going well on minehut and eventually things got soo bad that minehut went down. Yes, minehut went down for like a month. This happened because player servers were not working. I even got players to spam "#SAVEMINEHUT" on the lobby. Thats how bad it got xD At the time I thought minehut was over. But Luuke did not give up and after a month or soo he brought back minehut. This would be the beggining of a new minehut era. CHAPTER 7 - THE NEW MINEHUT After the new minehut came back, I started playing on it again. I kept doing drama on the minehut forums. Some new improvements were made to warzone. It had new maps and it even had a new capture the wool gamemode it didn't have in the past. However there were some bugs with Warzone and Elimination that overtime were being patched by Luuke. When I was making a new bug discovery, someone reported me. I was risking getting a ban. I tried to get out of the situation, which sucessfully I did (luckily, otherwise my life here on minehut would end there xD) CHAPTER 8 - DRAMAHUT, THE GAMINGER VS PIXELIFIC FIGHT During this time I got my blue creeper business man skin from TimeToGoBoom. December 2016. Pixelific was mod on minehut. Like any mod, he would moderate the minehut forums. Im sure he had fun watching my drama posts and getting me warned several times. During this time I also created The Gaminger - The ultimate form of responding to forum posts. I did many Gamingers on Pixelific, and Pixelific would post back telling me to stop doing drama and stuff. I would many times fight against him on warzone. I won many times against him but I also lost many times against him. He was a really good warzone player. But the days of my downfall came to be. Fruuitss appeared. I would do drama with pretty much everyone I thought would be good doing drama with. Fruuitss was one of those players. But Fruuitss was different from the others. Fruuitss started to attack me on the forums, and I would reply with heck long forum posts. Things got soo bad between me and Fruuitss that Pixelific joined in and because of the many drama I had done in the past I got forum banned. Yes, your favorite drama king got forum banned. This happened during the last days of 2016. Fruuitss, however, got away with it (kinda makes sense because I was the one giving fuel to the drama lol) Sometime after those events I apologized and I was forum unbanned. One month later, I started to do drama again, but on a more soft level. Im not going to focus much on my drama, because I can't really remember all the drama I did cri cri. CHAPTER 8 - RUNNERS After my forum ban, I decided to create a new server. This time a runners server. The base concept was the same as clicker servers, but instead of making the players waste stupid amounts of time by right clicking stupid items, I made my players run inorder to get points. The more distance you travelled the more points you would get. With more points you could purchase boots which would increase your speed, hence making you walk distances quicker and get points faster. It was a good server and many players liked the idea. Sadly I could only really get 10 players at maximum back on the time because of max player slots. During this time, LegendsRPG appeared. LegendsRPG was an RPG server made by RyanxDDD. It was soo good back in the time that after his reset players would still remember the days it was up. Sadly RyanxDDD LIKE ALWAYS had the brilliant idea of reseting the server to work on new projects. Spoiler alert: He kept reseting his original and good servers ever since. Wonder if he still does that (you better not being doing that Ryan...) During that time, many big servers were starting to get griefed for absolutely no reason. Runners, my server, was one of those servers. I was really sad for seeing such a good server get griefed after soo much work. More strange was the fact that only I had op on the server, and no one else (aside from my alt) had any staff rank on my server. I, with the help of ToroVoro, started to look for clues for who could have done such thing. Eventually we joined a server that was getting griefed, and we reached conclusion that DennisvdVegt was the one griefing. Whether or not this is true im not 100% sure, but fact is there was some bug with the Bungeecoord plugin that made it possible for players to get OP, and some players abused this bug to get op on minehut servers. I tried to get my server back. I had world backups, but sadly world uploading was something that was still not added on minehut for players to use. Eventually I quit trying to get Runners back and I went back to play on warzone, discovering more bugs and becoming more known there. Im not sure whether or not Marcus_Roman was the true griefer during these days hmm... CHAPTER 9 - COMPACTED CMD BLOCKS. THE SKYBLOCKMINERS MOVEMENT. I created a pastebin account to put my compacted cmd block projects there, which I would share with the minehut players on the forums. Compacted cmd blocks were essentially a hellbigofa command that when put on a command block and triggered it would make a machine of command blocks appear which would add stuff to the game. After some projects I joined a sky blocks server where I helped as a developer. But one day it got griefed by a team of staff members of a server named Skyblockminers (a server that probably alot of you know). The team was made of players UnLuckyL (The owner), ItsBrian, Skillsbo (I know it was just for the fun dude xD), MrUrfan and much more. After the grief I tried to get a way to be able to grief their server, but without success. They were successful in griefing some more servers and eventually their server became the first minehut player server. Their success lasted a long time and after it went down they brought it back. They are the reason why many skyblock + mining servers appeared after their success. CHAPTER 10 - PLAYER SERVER CHANGES During one time Luuke had the brilliant idea of reducing the player slot from 10 to just 4, the number of plugins you could have from 6 to just 2, and much more. This was because Minehut was needing money, and they had to come up with a plan to get more money. Luuke created the voting system, which would allow minehut to become more popular and receive more players, and added a subscription thing. All these things were made just so Luuke could get more money because Minehut was needing it. It was a well done plan that took into consideration the future growth of minehut. Im sure Luuke's plan was to bring back the 10 players slots in the future so that the new minehut players that would eventually join, not knowing that in the past minehut had 10 players slots, would be happy, which would bring more players to the server and donations. His plan proved to work I dont blame him for doing such. After all Minehut was needing money, and back at the time Minehut was Luuke's server. He could do whatever he wanted with his server, as long as he obeyed to the EULA. CHAPTER 11 - THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER These things happened during the months of July and August, 2017. No this was not a Community vs Luuke because of the player server thing. Rather, this were days on minehut were the players on warzone would join to do projects on warzone maps instead of fighting, duo to a problem with the wool capture maps. One could join on one team and remove all the wool from the chests and drop the wool to the void, and then join the other team and do the same. In doing this there would be no wool on the chests, which would result in the game lasting forever. We did this many times to prevent games from ending and to create projects such as terraform the whole map and make it flat, and make super long bridges far away from the spawn. One day we were able to make a bridge 10k blocks far from the map. Staff members would sometimes even help us achieve our goals, and they would sometimes give us buff effects and change stuff so that it would be funnier to do those projects. These days were really fun. During this time shadow5138 appeared. I could do a chapter just for this player. He played on warzone soo much that he got ahead of me in terms of levels. Eventually he became the highest level player on warzone, being around level 200. He was truly a warzone nerd xD CHAPTER 12 - PRISON AND PRISON ESCAPE SERVERS. THE RISE OF SOME OTHER NEW TYPES OF PLAYER SERVERS. Prison servers and escape servers started to make a more significant appearence. This started with Convict - A server that just like my DDTSPrison server was all about classic prison server style, with guards, cells, a few ranks and more. Many players played there, and it was fun to roleplay once again like I did back in the DDTSPrison days. During this time, a team of hackers by the name of Kyoto (some may remember Doxially or just Dox from this team) hacked minehut, getting the dev rank (essentially owner) and randomly banning people. During this I asked one of the hackers to ban UnLuckyL, the owner of Skyblockminers, and they did ban him. I think he was unbanned after Luuke and his team got control over the situations. During this time aGudName created a server based on the getting over it game. The objective was to climb a big mountain by doing parkour. If you felt at any point you would have to go back to a certain position in the mountain. There were points at which if you felt you have to get back to almost the beggining of the map. He made me rage hard (and he made some other players rage even more) After Convict a prison escape server appeared that had clans. The server was very popular, and clans were made on the server with many powerful players uniting to make the best clan. Clans had their own cells. There were activities such as the job period, the lunch time, the shower time, and more. I myself created a prison escape server in which you could do all of the above things with the extra of being able to train on a gym to become stronger. I got some players to play on it but eventually I got tired and I stopped working on the project. During this time a new server appeared, named Deathban. It's concept a was very funny one. If you died, you would have 30 seconds to say farewell before you get banned. The fun fact is it was an active server even thought players would get banned and leave it forever. One day I died there, and I spawned in a swamp biome with water. I quickly killed myself during the 30 seconds, which allowed me to break the system and not get banned. Eventually the glitch was patched and I got banned lol. After that Tebbi created an RPG server which was really really good. The buildings were nice, there were all sorts of customable items and weapons and it got many player's attention. After that some town roleplay server players started to appear, some of which I played in. CHAPTER 13 - LEAVING MINEHUT After all that I left minehut. Not that I quit it because I didn't like it or I did no longer have fun playing there. I left minecraft and with that I left minehut. I left minecraft because I started taking my life objectives more seriously, and for that I had to take my time to study and do other activities which meant play less. I consider that I quit minecraft (and with that minehut) the year before the start of my university. Many things happened in my life that I am happy about, and leaving minecraft helped me get the time that I did not have in the past. Now I am studying to become a mathematician. You may think that it is crazy. Some of you may think that is a lie. But the truth is sometimes things change in ways we dont even expect. CHAPTER 14 - TODAY Today I am typing this. 2 years have passed since the day I considered I left minecraft. I am back, but not for long. My first year of university has ended. There were very stressful moments, but I was able to make it to the end of the first year of this terror jeez. Now its summer time, and with it I have plenty of time. I have plans for these holidays, one of which is bring The Gaminger and some drama back to minehut. I no longer have access to my own account because it never really belonged to me to begin with, but I could get it back if necessary. I do not plan on playing on minehut. I might play a bit but it is only for the casual play. What I plan on doing is do The Gaminger on people, and learn more about what happened to minehut during these years. It seems like Luuke no longer is the owner :OOO (yes this probably has happened a long time ago but who cares lol). Im not sure if I am going to stick to the plan and do some drama posts here. This might even be my last post here on minehut. It all depends on if I feel like doing it or not xD AND THIS IS THE END OF THE SUMMARY OF MY STORY HERE ON MINEHUT. I have grown alot during these years, and some of you that had a long contact with me probably will notice that I change. Don't worry: I can still be as stupid as I was in the past. But I have changed. I will show you some screenshots of my past. I have like 100 screenshots to show and I have no idea if I will be able to send them all here. Probably not lol And now, the list of players that took a role on my life here on minehut! (Ill probably end up repeating people because of nick changes n' stuff xD) Short terms: another old minehut player -> AOMP another old minehut staff member -> AOMSM THE LIST - MikeTheAngel, the old sumo server owner - Jakethekid77, some random player that kept appearing over and over - xCriitinq - BitCritterSpyro, that spyro the dragon fanboi - hazzelwood, cmd block - RyanDxxx, DUDE DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO RESET 100 ORIGINAL SERVERS JUST TO POINT OUT THAT MINEHUT WAS (and still is) UNORIGINAL? YOU HAD JUST ONE JOB, AND IT WAS TO KEEP LEGENDSRPG RUNNING - Matthew579021, who probabaly hasn't joined minehut for ages now lol - XSpagsX, AOMP - TBNRJoey, AOMP - Tricks, that old Admin that helped minehut - Ninjatxt, AOMP - Honeymew, AOMP - iHaveSkills, AOMP - MewTwoKing, a real good warzone player - _Rascal, Extremely good warzone player and builder. - IIHexII, AOMP - Taccos, an old Admin I think? - Kagaroo, a true OG minehut player (KaguraMVP <3), and creator of the true first cookie clicker server (And because of his fault many new cookie clicker servers came to existance. Don't say minehut on the summer of 2016 was bad when you helped with it newb) - Broderick_, Which till today im not sure if he is an alt of the old player that was the highest level on warzone back in 2016... - Cheezeburgerfan, who I remember being everywhere during the cookieclickerpocalypse - Rewrr, AOMP - XxTurtleDerpxX, AOMP - EchoDoesStuff, AOMP - JackJack33, AOMP - iTsSkills, AOMP - Sours, AOMSM - ToroVoro, Former mod and good friend with some skills at pvp and warzone. - iCleanUp. Im sure he took a great role in my life here on minehut but I just cant remember... Sorry dude xD - Michal991, AOMSM - Gamer, The admin everyone thought I was xD - Hazry, a true OG minehut player good at warzone. - SkillAuraIsBae, AOMP - PandaTxT, A good friend that I made during my DDTSPrison server time - Ludvig_007, related to the cookieclickerpocalypse - Campionez, related to the cookieclickerpocalypse - Bendeedle, AOMP - Pixelific, former mod and rival on warzone. He was also my main rival on my drama campaing on minehut. I sure did give him some goooooood headaches haha. He was a great mod on minehut and he did help minehut alot, but duo to some stuff I could not remember he quit his position as staff member. He did a big post telling the reasons why he quit being mod on minehut which I still have (and should probably read to remember why he quit his position lol). He was, truly, a OG minehut player who did alot for the server before he quit his position as mod. - boats, the old minehut bad mod meme - Loks, not sure if he was an Admin on minehut. - TenahDoesStuff, AOMP - BrentBest_LAWLZ, A jerk just like I was xD. He was good at warzone. - TricksIsCool, AOMP - ThePinoyPlayer, A legit funny player on minehut - Matteo_Games, IM PROUD OF YOU SON - Aerh, AKA Dependency AKA Aerhoe. A former mod and a true OG minehut player. - TheBestGamer, AOMP - Senpia, AOMP - ThePug_, AOMP - Jorderoo, AOMP - Pixils, AOMSM - N11cK, AOMP - Moon, AOMSM - YoYoYoLillyHere, a player who really just wanted to play on my prison server. But I could never give him/her back the good DDTSPrison server I once created. - UnChilled, AOMP - MechaArch, AOMP - TimeToGoBoom, the one that created my blue creeper business man skin. Thanks man - SammyIsFab_, AOMP - Cooli, AOMSM - MatrixTunnel. He was a good staff member even thought he had his problems. - _Ug, the troll minehut admin. - Disastur, The creator of good bed wars player servers (I think), and a complete disaster. - THEFOXDEMON21, AOMP - FactoDoesStuff, AKA FactoMH, the rich minehut kid and a true minehut OG player. - Marcus_Roman, the man, the myth, the legend. He griefed and hacked soo many minehut servers and for some reason people would look up for him xD - Satisfied, AOMP - Mushroom_Minion. one of my best Runners player. - DennisvdVegt, the one I suspected for griefing my server Runners. - Vonkss, AOMP - Skillsbo, AOMP - Ified, A great builder. - shadow5138, the legendary minehut warzone player that would play warzone non stop. He was really good at warzone - Inklinq, AOMP - WhyTrees, AOMP - Aubreh, AOMP - Triqqn, AOMP - Whnd, just another player who wanted a minecraft OG name soo bad that he nicked himself Whnd. A true minehut OG player nevertheless. - wowie25, AOMP - zoly, AOMP - Avalution, a guard of the Convict server. - GoriestSr. Almost a true minehut OG player haha - Stabin_King, AOMP - Doxially, AKA Dox, a player that along with a team of hackers hacked minehut. The Dox account was then sold to FactoDoesStuff if im not mistaken. - Duckified, one of the highest warzone level players during 2016 - TheVoidEra, AOMP - aGudName, AOMP - crewly, A true minehut OG player - draem, a true minehut OG player too. - Humantarget610, AOMP - IceBearVolts, AOMP - The_Blazing_Star, AOMP - Golb, AOMP - MHF_Doge, AOMP - Cerelean, AOMP - Tebbi, AOMP - Darlowe, the only true minehut server reviewer. - Witchs, AOMP - PandaChan, jeez how come I could forget you xD. You were a nice friend here on minehut - FrostedWeFall, AOMP - Ceppy, AOMSM - Motionq, AOMS- Jk. you actually took a part in my life here on minehut. Was fun annoying you during the drama times lol. - _CO2, A true minehut OG player. He's been around for a long time here xD And obviously Luuke because if it wasnt for him none of us would be here lol. And finally the screenshots! The Sumo Server by MikeTheAngel. Back in my day it was mchost not Minehut you plebs. My first player server SuperSmashMobs. It only had one map which was this one. Currently using the zombie kit it had. My base on Draconium's new miner server. We were not supposed to go to the overworld. I did get out by using nether portals, since this could allow me to go out by making another nether portal in the nether. I killed the enderdragon and got the dragon egg. It was worth nothing tho ;_; The first screenshot of warzone. If there were two people breaking the wool at the same time there was a possibility of breaking an additional wool, resulting on a negative score. Proof that I bought Big Spender lol Me getting proofs to report someone for doing a swastica. Not going to show the symbol tho. I did many reports during my life here on minehut. Probably around 50 reports at total. The first cookie clicker server by KaguraMVP (AKA Kagaroo or more accurately FAGAPOO). ITsSkills' birthday. ivan_126. He had staff ranks on many player servers back at the time. Tricks here is warning him. ToroVoro on his old mod days. Toro being Toro essentially. I have many screenshots with the player TAB. This is one of them. Mobz. It was a player server were you could get resources and you would fight mobs on waves. The concept and execution of idea were good. ivan_126 blackmailing a player named AmitHD. One of many resets that are part of minehut's history. Are you mad that you server got reseted? Don't worry, infact most minehut players have experienced it atleast once. Its part of the minehut experience boi. The day Luuke and his staff team decided to use girl skins and open a starbucks on the lobby. It was pretty fun xD Pixelific. You guys know him lol. At this point he was still not as known as he was after his retirement. Elimination. Teams would fight against each other. The team that successfully eliminated the other team would win. Infection. A player would start as a zombie, and all the others would be the humans. If a human died, it would turn into zombies. The game would end if the time was over or if there were no humans left. Ngl the humans sword was really good. Im not sure if you could regenerate. I think you could not (as a human). A human glitching out of the map. This was punishable. I reported some players for doing this. This player was one of them. Funz moments on elimination. There was this glitch that would allow you have gamemode. Don't ask me how it could be performed. I don't remember xD Pixelific telling me how good of a job I did. Me, being a prick, never said the same back to Pixelific. The no u meme was still not a thing back at the time xD Medic was one of the warzone kits. It would create a radius in which players would be healed. It was pretty op for defensive measures, and I had a bad time fighting it back. The days you were allowed to swear cuss and use caps on Warzone. Some people really did not miss the chance here xD Cussing, Swearing and using caps was also allowed on Lobby. There was this map were you could mine out and go all the way to the wool outside of the map. This made winning in this map easy. Bridges. One of my strategies would be do a bridge very high in the map and then use a boat or the choruser kit to get back down. This would take alot of time to do but on the long run it would prove very effective, specially on long lasting maps because of high defense teams. ThePug_ getting banned LOL The reason why I joined blue most of the time. I would do /join first, and the first player would always go to blue. Me building one of the super mario kart maps. Many people asked me if I was admin because of an admin named Gamer. No wonder why some people thought I was Gamer xD (He is also known as Lucas) One of the maps with the texture pack. All the maps I had done for the super mario kart server. They were based on the classic Super Mario Kart from Snes. Using ice as asphalt and packed ice as rainbow blocks, and boats as cars (I had a total of 6 different cars for the 6 boats), I was able to create a funny racing game. Sadly I never released it to the public. Annnd I gotta go now. Ill put the rest of the screenshots tomorrow. Edit: I've added some more screenies. The Gaminger by Gamin- Jk this aint an actual Gaminger. Ill do the The Gaminger guide post soon for the 4th freakin time jeez haven't you guys learned it yet?
  4. xMuel


    xMuel Introduction Some of you may have spotted me around various Minehut servers, but I wanted to make a proper introduction! So, I’ve been playing on Minehut for around about 2-3 years, I’ve gone through various names throughout the years such as Svmmy, SammyIsFab_, FabDino_ and the current xMuel. I’ve worked on various servers and have enjoyed playing the server and seeing it develop. So, Hello!! •Feel free to reply and ask anything and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP
  5. Hello people I'm BlueCakeGaming (BlueCake)! I've been on Minehut for a while now and I've created several servers that have hit the front page however no one likes them anymore but that doesn't matter! I'm a very active guy, always looking to help others or getting helped myself. I got my IGN from my life. My favorite color is blue, I love cake and gaming so I got BlueCakeGaming! I also love ducks as you can see by my pfp. Nice to meet yall!
  6. hi im lividphysics. i just got banned for being a bot ;-; so yeah if i get unbanned im pretty good at building
  7. I am a hobbiest programmer who likes to program games, and code in VB.net. I also like playing minecraft here and there. I use RPG Maker XP for my game making, and I use Visual Studio for my programming. Keep in mind that I am still learning the basics of RPG Maker, and Visual Basic (.NET), so some things are not going to turn out great. But, I am not all about the thing where people are going to add "microtransactions" for stuff. Here, that word does not exist. That is why I am "Redefining Free"! Also, I make a fan game called Pokémon Delta Green, you can find that here.
  8. Hello! I'm not sure if many of you know me but, I am dannydino6/Morememes. I am a armature developer not knowing much but skript and lua. Some things to know about me: I've been playing minecraft for almost 10 years (sad ik i have no life) I've made many servers on minehut, some not as successful as the others..... And I don't know what else to really add to this, but I'm going to try to become more active in game and the discord! See you soon!
  9. Tis I! ItsAPerson, I have been playing on Minehut for about 2 and a half years now, and this is my second introduction. So, where to begin, lets start with what I do on Minehut. Okay, so, on MH I do things. Thanks for reading this introdu... jk So, in MH i am pretty involved in the building commuity, I have done the builds for the past 4 or so seasons of lavaS, I have owned and staffed on multiple creative and freebuild servers, and you can sometimes see me posting in the building section on the MH discord! I currently have VIP rank on the server, (Im a broke boi, my friend bought it for me) and I spend a good ammount of my time on Mc playing on Minehut. I hope to eventually become a staff member on Minehut, and that concludes the in Minehut part of my intro. Out of MH the main thing about me is my love for axolotls. (Look at my signature) I have founded the Axolotls daily club (you should join) where I post a daily picture of an axolotl. Welp, I guess that about sums up my intro. good bye
  10. Heyo, Toro here! I am an old player, starting playing on Minehut when it was called Kingdoms. I was also previously a moderator. If you ever see me online, say hi. Because I'm Toro. ok bye
  11. | Introduction Hello! I am TzurPlayz, and I like skripting, and eating pancakes.
  12. Hi, I'm Lotix or Diddyz, some information about me include: - I have been playing Minehut for a year or 2 now. - I am a donator, PRO in specific - I enjoy playing and skripting Prison related servers - I am currently a Warzone JR.MOD Ok, have a great day!
  13. Hi, i'm not a cool person meaning of liffe: 42
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