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  1. I was wondering if i could change it, i have my mom's email while i want it to be mine. Can anybody help me here?
  2. nice mustache

    1. Kubicek_SK


      hello i have a problem with a server

      pls help me


    2. Kubicek_SK


      i have something with a no connection with a server, im gonna join and it will says something, went wrong and idk ok, then just pls help me omg.. i want a server with super commands nad something ok pls help me me me me me me me me me me, pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help me help me help me

  3. i'd say cool. no category misouse here spiderlogical
  4. embarrasing photo of me in animal crossing

    but its fine 

  5. spiderlogical my warning aint going to expire and im sad

  6. fun freebuild might seem a nice name
  7. enjoy updatedx2 hi boxic hello trent , sorry for taking photos with you
  8. join , minigames include parkour (WIP) , PVP pit , creative (BROKEN) , skyblock coool
  9. Rukreep

    I need help on my server

    Now my server wont start!
  10. Rukreep

    I need help on my server

    When i type "/locate" on my server and locate any structure , the server freezes , and then kicks me, Anyone help?
  11. looks like the ship from icy boat spike is tilting and balancing on there
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