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  1. Praise the new lobby! Nice job Build Team!
  2. imagine having [BUILDER] role. jkjk, gl to all.
  3. Does not support 1.14. Recommend using AreaShop instead as an alternative. Thread Locked
  4. MikeTheAngel


    Plugin is not supported for 1.14. Thread Locked
  5. Suggest making a new suggestion with a link cause there are too many "health bar" plugins. Thread locked.
  6. As mentioned, we don't use any mods on Minehut. If you want plugins to be automatically updated, it'd be better to ask here to update a plugin. Nice suggestion though, we will consider it. Thread Locked.
  7. Suggestion has been denied because no link was provided. We need links to the plugins you suggest so I know what to add for Minehut. Thread Locked
  8. Suggestion has been denied because there is no link to the plugin you are suggesting. Be sure to add links so I know what plugin you want Minehut to add. Thread Locked
  9. This suggestion has been denied. The version does not support 1.14 Thread locked.
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