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  1. The last suggestion just puts another nail in the coffin for ranks then. I think if someone wants to spend $600 approx to advertise 1440 times a day, we should allow it.
  2. sniff smells like damage control
  3. By giving your blood to the Minehut Gods
  4. Would you like a little pot? What do you mean weed? Those little things that ruin my grass? Why do you want that? Clearly you are weird and I'd like to be your friend
  5. MikeTheAngel


    I find Jesus reviving after 3 days more believable than the forums reviving
  6. You must be poor. Get a job and buy a rank yourself
  7. No one cares gotem.
  8. Voting is like the breadline. I don't wait for my credits, the credits wait for me.
  9. hahaha, you thought. Go get a job you hippie. naw jk here the real link bro. Have a good time at Minehut.
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