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  1. Jetie

    Gardevoir Day

  2. Jetie


    It's an event that I don't really know about
  3. It's about fishing... That's it
  4. If you want to raise the limit it should go up to like 15.
  5. Ok you have to do /minecraft:seed That's it
  6. Throw ketchup on it
  7. Also client side it messes with the day and night cycle
  8. Jetie


    Just use twitter not the minehut forums for hashtags. Also, that won't help...
  9. This took me about 30 minutes to make With the free plugin limit
  10. Since the new minehut update. I can't run my server unless I vote 2 days in a row. So the server is dead... Rip Jetie, Jan 17th 2019 - April 25th 2020 But, I had a second server I never used until now. It's called Fishiewe Why is it called Fishiewe? Because Fishie and Fish are taken. It's a fishing server and that is not a joke.
  11. Guess I will make a fishing server
  12. Haha, I used a link unshorten-er
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