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  1. Finally an exact number to the server limit that ends with 3 zeros
  2. /gamerule keepInventory true
  3. Jetie


    I added duels to my server. so it has more stuff for duels: there is 6 kits and 5 maps that's it
  4. The sword sharpness 2 > 3 the leather boots now have protection 1 That's good...
  5. Jetie

    Kit Pryo

    Fire dash can hit people and burn them and also dashes in a fast forward direction sharpness 1 Diamond Axe 55.84% Protection armor ---------------------------------------- Also the 1st test i did with 42 players (3.4 GBs) a lot of people used kit pvp. lol during it i buffed kit fish - sharpness 3 > 4 - knockback 4 > 2 - Protection increase... just wanted to show my new kit...
  6. Jetie


    Sponge is Very nice
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