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  1. Try changing you password to your console, it's seemed to work for other users.
  2. TastqFlames

    Changing email

    Sadly, you cannot transfer credits. Sorry
  3. I found another work around for this bug, try going to https://minehut.com/dashboard rather than https://minehut.com/dashboard/home
  4. Sadly there is no way to get that world back unless you previously saved it, plus even if you did save it you would not have all of your stuff. Sorry
  5. Hmm weird. Try contacting a staff member on the discord or go to https://minehut.com/support/faq
  6. Minehut crashed the other day & it seemed to cause major rollback issues, there isn't anything you can do really. Sorry
  7. Then you're doing something wrong. Try copy and pasting the command i sent you but replace the "(Server name)" with the server you're trying to connect to's name
  8. When did this problem happen? Yesterday minehut crashed and there was about a 30min rollback, may have been part of that?
  9. You'd do the same as Java edition, you'd type "/join (server name)"
  10. For essentials warp permissions via PermissionEX you would do the following: /pex user (Player's name) add essentials.warp.(warp name)
  11. There was a few crashes yesterday, something may have happened to it, but this sounds like a connection error on your end rather than minehuts?
  12. Try doing it with an "_" replacing the space
  13. Sounds like a new bug within the console, try posting that in the minehut meta discord; https://discord.gg/MvDd24X
  14. I don't have the account "mmmisterI00"? I don't have any other accounts other than my main account, this is my brothers old computer, would that effect anything? i've barley ever joined and never on a different account...
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