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  1. I can't wait to the next generation of Minehut Staff Members!
  2. There is currently no ETA on Bedrock Edition support. LOCKED - Question Answered Edit: Also moved from General to Community Support
  3. Thanks, everyone. I have no plans on stopping either
  4. Thank you to everyone I have met on Minehut. You are all awesome in your own way! ❤️

  5. One of the best staff members in Minehut’s recent history. Thanks for everything Ginger
  6. On this day today in 2017, I returned to the Minehut Staff Team. I’m proud to say that I have helped Minehut for over 2 years. I am also proud to have seen it’s rapid growth and to have met so many awesome people. Thank you for being with me during my successes & failures. Cheers, and onwards towards more accomplishments! Your pal, Ninventoo
  7. Banned for participating in this idiotic forum game.
  8. My name is Ninventoo formerly known as Czechia, Provectus, and a few other cringe-worthy names found on NameMC. I'm a human that lives in New York State which happens to be a state in the United States of America which is surprisingly part of the North American Continent which coincidentally is a part of the planet we called Earth. A planet that is part of this thing we called the universe. Anyways, I've been Moderating on Minehut since September of 2017 and currently, I have no plans of stopping. Would you like to be friends? Sure! Just type /f add Ninventoo if you see me on the Minehut Lobby =). Have a good morning, day, or night. Adios for now! - Ninventoo
  9. Congrats BorderedS
  10. Ninventoo

    new minehut logo

    Truly an inspirational masterpiece.
  11. How to be a good moderator step one: Don't rename yourself to 1SecMan, Czechia, and most importantly Provectus.
  12. This profile looks empty.


    Let me give it some love ❤️

  13. If this isn't a post, then why is it on the forums?
  14. Ninventoo


    LOCKED - Question Answered
  15. My pfp is better than anime pfps by a long shot.

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