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  1. sooo i just wasted my time lol


  2. this is my 1nd intro but I haven't played minehut in 6 months to a year (not sure) but I started playing minehut again ( I started again 2 weeks ago) sooooooooooo hello my name is Adam, my in name game is "dank_human", FYI, i am the dankest person ever. you cant doubt my words. i like to chill in the hub because minehut servers have become unoriginal (pls tell me original servers) uhh. i like anime (pog) anyway here is a list of accomplishments: 1) 2) 3) say something nice to boost my ego pls also because benny beat me 5-1 in duels make me have the big sad :(:(:(:(
  3. They are italic because they are renamed if i'm right, Why dont you just use the plugin "Shopkeepers"?
  4. dankhuman

    must read

    uh so kind of weird question: me and a guy named exzpoptart are seeing who gets to 100 pages of friends first (1200 users ._.) so do your part and /friend add dank_human. I am currently at 6 pages of friends hehe friends are nice (disclaimer: this isn't forcing this is politely asking)
  5. dankhuman

    Friend cant join

    ask him to join from minehut by running /join <servername> and make sure he is spelling it correctly, if this doesn't work try turning off the whitelist to see if that's the problem
  6. honestly just think of what the minehut playerbase likes and make an original idea, people would get bored of these server soon.
  7. It's probably because to a plugin you've installed, send plugin list
  8. Wasn't it named "McMMo" or something edit: confirmed
  9. welcoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome to the minehut gang
  10. 1GB default but can go up to 10GB Refer to this:
  11. go support channel. tickspeed, internet, ram, im not sure just let me know what plugins you have and what automations like in skript. best way just save the world and upload it on a new server if that is possible on minehut
  12. i honestly just talk in the lobbies all the servers are gens, sky mining or dupe servers.
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