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  1. I am on the Minehut support team losers
  2. I honestly love Theodore Boone, even though it is an easy book series.
  3. Bear

    repeal rule #3

    We went off topic, sorry and yeah I agree.
  4. Bear

    repeal rule #3

    Oh, well, anyways, I do mock governments and in those it is aye nay or abstain.
  5. Bear

    repeal rule #3

    For the record, this is the House of Commons in like medieval days, not now.
  6. Clap clap clap! Oh wow 600 posts
  7. Don't remember you but HEY! *want to work for me on my build team*
  8. Bear

    repeal rule #3

    @Clarifity In actual legislature you say aye nay or abstain Aye meaning yes, nay meaning no, and abstain lowering the majority and your vote not counting I vote aye.
  9. Bear

    Custom Domain

    Oh god I wish I was competent enough to do that.
  10. Bear


    Really lit, really really lit.
  11. Bear

    I want to deop someone

    He may be hacking your account dear sir.
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