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  1. I am on the Minehut support team losers
  2. I honestly love Theodore Boone, even though it is an easy book series.
  3. We went off topic, sorry and yeah I agree.
  4. Oh, well, anyways, I do mock governments and in those it is aye nay or abstain.
  5. For the record, this is the House of Commons in like medieval days, not now.
  6. Clap clap clap! Oh wow 600 posts
  7. Don't remember you but HEY! *want to work for me on my build team*
  8. @Clarifity In actual legislature you say aye nay or abstain Aye meaning yes, nay meaning no, and abstain lowering the majority and your vote not counting I vote aye.
  9. Oh god I wish I was competent enough to do that.
  10. Really lit, really really lit.
  11. Bear

    I want to deop someone

    He may be hacking your account dear sir.
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