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  1. Just me getting on at the wrong time, or is the server, well um.. dead? Seen absolutely NOBODY on whenever I've been on. Just confused and want to know what has happened.
  2. After a long, but fun vacation, I am back. I will be on for the next couple of weeks. I hope to see you all on the server. -Sure
  3. So currently I am on vacation, so I haven’t been on lately. I apologize for not tell you all this earlier. I will try my best to try to hop on when I can this week, but if not, i’m sorry. I will be back on Friday to play though.
  4. Go to hub then click on the Factions character. Should work there.
  5. I just logged into minecraft, and it looks completely different. Just realized, 1.14.3 is out!
  6. Sorry bout being AFK. I had to go help around the house, but I keep that username on the look out. Thanks for the information.
  7. Sparkling water. Salt water pool or chlorine pool?
  8. I would like to announce that RealRedMatt007 is officially the newest member of our staff team. Please everyone show him some love and welcome him to the team. I believe he will be a great aspect. -Sureee
  9. Yes, Congratulations. I hope to see good things happening from you.
  10. Happy, I added it to his inventory earlier this morning.
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