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  1. Is anyone even still using the server? It’s been so long since I’ve heard from you guys. I only found this again because my other friends were looking at their usernames on google. I looked up mine and found the forums. So is anyone still alive?
  2. So me, nick, and ryan are trying to revive StarUltra. And we dont care if you guys come back or not. (We do actually please come back to the good ol days)
  3. So I've been checking to see when happy has been on, and the last time was 2 days ago. So i'll be hangin around star ultra for a while and see if I can find him later. See you guys on the battle field.
  4. So i was just online after a long day at school, when i see the starultra server up. I was wondering who would be on. When i joined, the person was no other than HAPPY. He had told me he was taking a break from minecraft which is totally understandable. I hope StarUltra will be revived soon. See you guys on the battlefield. -Steve1020
  5. I'm waiting on StarUltra for anyone. Dead or not.
  6. Well I guess this is goodbye. It has been an honor to fight you all.
  7. I decided to just play on factions since no one is usually on. Would anyone like to join me? It's very lonely here.
  8. It's been over a week and i haven't seen any staff except for occasional Ryanor. Don't get your hopes up
  9. So its been about a week and i'm on top of the leaderboard. No one has attempted to pass me or even get on the server. Is everyone on factions or is their something else going on?
  10. After the update came out, I decided to go back to 1.14.2. And when I went survival from a height, to my surprise i took damage! I had Elsie hit me and believe it or not, i took damage from them! I can now pvp fairly in StarUltra! WOOHOO!
  11. Last night there was a hacker apparently. They destroyed some things in the pvp area but i fixed them. Other than that nothing else was badly griefed. The hacker is unknown at this time but they were on when sureee was AFK. The only lead on their username is mama. If anyone know the name of this person, alert a staff member IMMEDIATELY!
  12. Something happened to me. I can't die to anyone except myself. Godmode is turned off but that isnt the problem. If anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE let me know!
  13. Just broke 1000 kills today. thanks for being "supportive"
  14. What's with the new Thor Shop in the little house? And why can't people access it?
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