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  1. 1st Question: Not many of minehuts available anticheats are really that good, but if you want an ok one, I would recommend NPC. 2nd Question: This question would best be asked in the skript channel
  2. Sadly, unless you have a backup of your world previous to the reset, there isn't anything we can do. But what I recommend doing is using this as a learning experience, by that I mean start saving your world more often & I recommend backing your world up every once in a while threw /backup(Requires op)
  3. Do you have Vault & A economy plugin installed?(Essentials,IConomy, MWEconomy)
  4. Sadly, Super League doesn't hold server data anymore so, unless you backed your servers map data up previous to the data wipe, there isn't much we can do, but what I can recommend you doing after this as a learning experience, is every-time right before you log off, or when you finish a large build I suggest saving the world, so the server has something to go back to.
  5. Do you have mob spawning enabled? & Are you sure the difficulty isn't on peaceful?
  6. Yes, players can start your server even if it's offline, but you can enable whitelist which will only let certain users join.
  7. Servers have a 5 minute inactivity limit. Which means you have to be activity on your server, can you join during the 5 minutes it's up?
  8. Did you restart after uploading the file?
  9. Is the skript possibly disabled? (If the skript is it would have a - next to it's name)
  10. Can you please get me your logs? If you don't know how to retrieve logs, watch this video
  11. RunAwayz


    please say What do you mean by"Set afk"?
  12. RunAwayz


    Well, I would suggest asking in the skript topic which can be found here! there is tons of people there that will help you!
  13. Do you mean like normal minecraft achievements or custom achievements?
  14. I think the combatlog plugin may do this, but if not you may have to skript one.
  15. Try watching this video it will explain to you how to make your server world flat
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