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  1. Update. Well. After a very long month which felt like a year and then me doing some things that I deeply regret I have decided that MH isn't a place for me. Mainly as I have quit MC due to me losing interest in it. Another reason I've decided to leave the community is just the overall state of the world right now. I need to focus on my health & safety. Especially since I may have been exposed I'm gonna have to try to spend more time trying to be alert of my current symptoms. One last note before I leave this off for good, congrations to all the new Jrs. I remembered a few names like Koronotchi & PandaChan. But all the Jrs are great people. Keep doing what your doing. Well, saying my final goodbyes to MH. Pce.
  2. Idrk. The roles MH has right now seem to be working fine. No need to change something that's doing well. But +1 on the gangs. GL on the idea!
  3. Hello minehut users reading this, most of you may know who I am, maybe threw the #help & community support tabs or you may just recognize me from general & random chats & servers. But back on subject, I've been thinking about this for a bit now & I have finally came up with a(n) sad & unwanted decision which is I will be semi-permanently leaving the minehut community, I made great friends over the years of be being here but, I have to do this for my mental & physical health. I'm sorry it has to come to this, but I may come back in a few years if things go the way I hope for them to go. On other words, I want to say a few thanks to a few special people who helped me threw the time of me being on minehut. @FadelessBanjo He was a nice & fun friend, somebody I liked to talk to time to time even if he's on the opposite side of the world. He is super caring & friendly to everybody, will be sad to leave him. @Criticyl If it wasn't for crit I probably wouldn't have gotten as known as I am now, Him accepting me gave me a chance to show myself & how I can truly be helpful I'm very thankful that he gave me a chance in the support team. And lastly people in the Minehut staff discord who helped me when I didn't know how to solve a problem or I just overall needed a question answered, they were very helpful & nice to me & same as Crit & Fadeless, I'm sad to be leaving them. Well, I guess this is it, goodbye minehut & love you all Sincerely RunAwayz
  4. We don't allow you to add files of plugins manually on minehut for security reasons, but buycraft is a plugin you can install in the plugins tab. It will require your server to be restarted after installing so your aware.
  5. RunAwayz

    Resetting Server.

    Nope, purchases such as player slots are not able to be affected by a server reset. the only person who can change your player slots is you. A server reset will just reset & remove the servers plugin, player & world data making it seem like a fresh server.
  6. The service minehut uses for world downloading(Transfer.sh) is currently down. so their isn't really much that can be down, on the opposite side tho, you can use the World downloader mod to download a section of your world, sadly it does not copy player data. other then that, I would have to just tell you to keep trying.
  7. RunAwayz

    cracked minecraft ?

    No, minehut does not support cracked versions of minecraft, you have to join via a premium client.
  8. While what they said is true, I'll put it in a more clear view. paperspigot (the service minehut runs on patched zero tick farms in an earlier version as they were seen as a glitch.
  9. Is your server still stuck in a(n) hibernation loop?
  10. Server still in hibernation loop? (Just checking because it's been a few hours :).
  11. Hm, what's inside the world? (Can check by putting it in the singleplayer worlds folder), also, what method did you use to upload the world to your server?
  12. Is your server still stuck in hibernation? (Just checking because it's been a few hours).
  13. You can have the credits refunded from a rank purchase threw connect minehuts support line, here! they'll be able to help you get any credits accidentally spent back :)
  14. RunAwayz


    Which plugins are you installing & did you restart your server after adding them?
  15. RunAwayz

    Plugin/datapack help

    In order for non-OP users to be able to use SilkSpawner features you need to grant them or their group they belong to the proper permission nodes which I have pasted below for you. General silkspawners.* (false) - Grants access to all other permission (including other wildcard permissions) silkspawners.info (true) - Allows you to see informative messages about the spawners as you place and break them silkspawners.viewtype (true) - Allows you to view the spawner type using /spawner silkspawners.reload (op) - Allows you to reload the plugin and configuration Placing spawners silkspawners.place.* or silkspawners.place.<creaturetype> (true) - Allows you to place a spawner Crafting spawners silkspawners.craft.* or silkspawners.craft.<creaturetype> (true) - Allows you to craft a spawner Mining spawners silkspawners.silkdrop.* or silkspawners.silkdrop.<creaturetype> (true) - Allows you to use silk touch to acquire mob spawner items silkspawners.destroydrop.* or silkspawners.destroydrop.<creaturetype> (true) - Allows you to destroy mob spawners to acquire mob spawn eggs / iron bars / XP (as configured) silkspawners.explodedrop (true) - Allows you to receive drops from exploded spawners Changing spawners silkspawners.changetype.* or silkspawners.changetype.<creaturetype> (op) - Allows you to change the spawner type using /spawner [creature] silkspawners.changetypewithegg.* or silkspawners.changetypewithegg.<creaturetype> (op) - Allows you to change the spawner type by left-clicking with a spawn egg Free spawners silkspawners.freeitem.* or silkspawners.freeitem.<creaturetype> (op) - Allows you to get spawner items in your hand for free using /spawner [creature] silkspawners.freeitemegg.* or silkspawners.freeitemegg.<creaturetype> (op) - Allows you to get a spawner egg in your hand for free using /egg [creature]
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