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  1. This has happened I think 3-4 times (on different server not hosted on minehut) but I didn't really think of it until it happaned again when I saw that my villagers had dissapeared on a minehut server. I was fine because I had a farm but when I started giving jobs to villagers they had experience for some reason like they were traded with even if they were babies and grew up. The server is now stuck with every villager having this problem, I and the server owner don't know how to fix this or what caused it. Maybe there is a fix anyone knows? here is a video for showcase Minecraft_ 1.1
  2. Yes the title is that Idk plugins that do both of them but I would suggest adding both to have the best minecraft server experience and not having it lagg by hackers that want to ruin the fun! (I did find 2 plugins similar to this but I would want to find another plugin that limits how many ticks per second redstone can activate https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/anti-rs https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/antiredstoneclock-worldguard-plotsquard-support-1-8-1-15.18557/
  3. Oh yeah I was told that but the problem I am having connecting to bedrock.minehut.com is that it is laggy, kicks me sometimes, skins don't load but the method I am using to connect to java servers with bedrock edition is faster well to me to be honest and everything loads faster but the world might not load you can check it out by searching geysermc (Yes it's the name and it's real)
  4. To give more context I am playing on minehut.com not bedrock.minehut.com
  5. Basically the title says it all is cross playing allowed basically I am on bedrock edition and I play on minehut Java edition
  6. Soo I want to suggest one plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skygrid-1-13-1-15-2.66996/ its a skygrid plugin which creates a custom skygrid map which would create a whole new wave of server ideas because there are no skygrid servers
  7. So I've figured out how to finally upload a world on to my server but now my server started crashing when i did /worlds and clicked on one world I also tried multiverse but it didn't work
  8. ThroesOf

    Uploading worlds

    Yeah one of the staff members told me that AFTER 2 DAYS now im just stuck on my server crashing
  9. ThroesOf

    Uploading worlds

    welp im stuck i cant upload files rn cause of my internet and nothing works i cant upload on minehut website im just going to give up maybe if someone else uploaded it on to file.io it would work but idk i just give up from here now on
  10. ThroesOf

    Uploading worlds

    yeah i meant zip lol
  11. ThroesOf

    Uploading worlds

    hmmm one question do the files need to be in a folder or all of the files in the rar like not in a folder? in the zip file
  12. ThroesOf

    Uploading worlds

    i know how but it says i dont have permission to do it and idk WHY
  13. ThroesOf

    Uploading worlds

    is there any other way because ima just give up ive been trying to set up my server for 2 freaking days and my head hurts from failing
  14. ThroesOf

    Uploading worlds

    i tried but i cant freaking create a share link ;-;
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