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  1. Evan

    Spawners turn to pigs

    When default / ranked players place a spawner it turns into a pig spawner every time. How do i fix this?
  2. Evan

    Custom plugins

    Can you add a feature that supports custom plugins?? This way we can use plugins that are not available through the mine hut control panel.
  3. Evan


    Would upgrading to the 500 slots for the premium hardware help with this lag?
  4. Evan


    Why is there so much lag? I have paid for the 75 player slots - the second best package- and i have 5,000 mb spare ram yet the server still lags when we reach 20 players, is there anyway to fix this lag?
  5. Evan

    Issue with right click

    Most of the actions in game that require right click such as eating, opening chests have broke. This includes building in world guarded regions even though i have world guard bypass on. how do i fix this??
  6. Evan

    Memory / lag

    yes, It just took a couple hours to update. thanks tho
  7. Evan

    Memory / lag

    I have just upped the server to 25 player slots but there is still alot of lag on mh's end. also the memory allocated isnt changing https://gyazo.com/3e86a08a7e1e1d72f2f8f86127267415. any ideas on what i should do?
  8. Hello, I am looking for a leaderboard gui skript. I would like a skript that has the command /leaderboard. This command should open a gui that shows the user three different categories, Token top, Bal top and Mining Top. when you click a catagory it should display a pyramid system of the top players in each category. Token top should show the players with the most tokens, Baltop, the players with the highest balance and Mining top should display the players who have mined the most blocks. I would ideally like this being made for free {: but am willing to pay a small amount if i am impressed.
  9. Evan

    saving issues

    Why does the server decide when it does and does not want to save? i do /save all and i save the world from the console but when the server restarts it might not have even saved. HOW do I fix this????
  10. Evan

    Plugin Issues

    also is crates plus down? i cant edit the contents of the crates
  11. Evan

    Plugin Issues

    Have tried that multiple times but no luck
  12. Evan

    Plugin Issues

    Hey, there doesn't seem to be any errors...
  13. Evan

    Plugin Issues

    When i install some plugins, such as PrisonRanksX and EZRanksPro, my control panel tells me it has been installed. I then execute the stop command on the console and restart the server to install the new plugin. Upon logging into my server i find that the plugin has not been installed and i cant seem to get it to install even though it sais it has been installed in plugins. Does anyone know how to fix or get around these issues? Thanks
  14. Evan

    Money/Items upon Kill

    I am looking for a plugin that gives a player money, or a item, when they kill another player. I have tried to use KillerMoney but the plugin would not work for me. My server is 1.14.3. Would anyone be able to recommend a plugin that does as I need or show me how to use KillerMoney. Also does anyone know how to script something similar?
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