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  1. currently, the EssentialsX version for all minehut servers is 3 versions out of date, so it would be nice if that could be updated. thanks
  2. i've recently found out that when specifying a preset for a flat world, the server does not start. it might not just be for flat worlds, so maybe if you've set a preset, that's the problem? idk
  3. So I have this preset that I want to use: minecraft:bedrock,48*minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass_block;minecraft:plains; and it's supposed to make the world higher, as well as remove villages. But when I put it into the "Generator Settings" box in the "Settings" tab, then delete my world and restart the server, it won't go online. It will say "Starting..." for about 10 secs then just go back to being "Offline". Is there any way to have this not happen?
  4. Pechu317

    Skin ban

    It’s a way of seeing a minecraft account’s past skins and usernames. It’s also my favorite way to see whether or not people are lying with skin/username bans (which you were).
  5. Pechu317

    Skin ban

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. This totally isn’t inappropriate at aaallll. (Warning: NSFW)
  6. Pechu317

    Skin ban

    If you’re gonna try to get unbanned, try not lying next time. You had an “edgy” skin, to say the least.
  7. Wow. thanks for the help.
  8. ^ this. the forum's word wrapping is messing up your skript
  9. put your code into a code block or into a pastebin or something, because i think word wrapping is messing up how we see your skript
  10. When I use this code: command /permission <offline player> <string> <string>: aliases: /perm permission: cryoperm.admin, op usage: /permission <player> <add/remove> <permission> trigger: if arg-2 is "add": add arg-3 to arg-1's permissions else if arg-2 is "remove": remove arg-3 from arg-1's permissions else: send "/permission <player> <add/remove> <permission>" it says Line 13: Permissions of the 1st argument can't have anything added to it (script.sk, line 13: add arg-3 to arg-1's permissions') Line 15: Permi
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