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  1. I have looked and have found nothing on disabling prefixes. the closest I got was essentials but that disabled all the prefixes
  2. how do I do that?
  3. I have started my own server, the most annoying thing is that I have everyone on the server have 2 prefixes. The multiple prefixes dont show on TAB or Kiteboard or Essentials but shows in chat via LuckPerms Chat. Can anyone help me?
  4. its still not working after I reload the config.
  5. do I have to make it false or true? Because all this time it has been true. change-nametag-prefix-suffix: true change-tablist-prefix-suffix: true
  6. where about in config would it be? I have looked for hours and found nothing.
  7. Hey, I have started my server up and have made everyone have 2 prefixes. The prefixes are showing in chat via LuckPermsChat. Though when you do /gmc or something with essentials it will say only 1 prefix. the same with TAB plugin. It will only show one prefix on tab list for some reason. - Chat - Tablist - Essentials commands. Please can someone help me. Thanks.
  8. ikey

    HungerGames Plugin.

    how do I set it to one of the default worlds
  9. ikey

    HungerGames Plugin.

    the world exists. I can tp there and warp there.
  10. ikey

    HungerGames Plugin.

    ok i will look into it and see if its the world. thanks!
  11. ikey

    HungerGames Plugin.

    This is a paste of the full starting log and when I try to do /hg https://pastebin.com/9b5w6uhe
  12. ikey

    HungerGames Plugin.

    Hey, these are the logs from when I was loading up my server: [17:09:17] [Server thread/ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling HungerGames v4.15.5 (Is it up to date?) java.lang.NullPointerException: null I think that it needs to be updated.
  13. Hi, I have started making an event on my server on a hunger games game. I have already made all the areas, spawns, etc 2 days ago but after a restart on my server the hunger games plugin doesnt work. The plugin is in red and when I try to do /hg it will come back saying "An internal error occurred while attempting to preform this command" Also while looking through discord console I can not find anything that has the HungerGames plugin involved. I have done everything that everyone has been told to / said to do and there is no fixing. Does the plugin need updated? Thanks.
  14. ikey

    Plugin disabled

    i have found this issue to. its really annoying
  15. Hi, I have been spending ages making this Hide And Seek event for my server. The skript has no errors so i have no idea what is wrong. Can anyone help? The problems are that when you get teleported to the Event area it says it is starting in 10 seconds but actually doesnt start. Here is my Skript. command /event: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 1 named "&5Ikeys SMP Event" to player format gui slot 2 of player with knowledge book named "&3Join the event." to run: if {Queue::*} does not contain player: add player to
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