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  1. Anonymous192


    Servers are currently not down for maintenance. You might be having trouble connecting to the lobby. We will also let the community know on forums and discords and give you updates for any future maintenance.
  2. Are you using the IP bedrock.minehut.com?
  3. I also recommend deoping them on your server so they can't keep on doing this and as said above please report them to us if you have any proof.
  4. Moved And Locked Topic - Please use the correct category next time. Locked due to issue solved.
  5. Try turning on your server from the lobby by doing /join <server name>
  6. It sends you to the hub because your server is offline. Your server goes offline when there are no players online for 5 mins. In the hub you can do /join <server name> which will start your server up and send you to your server.
  7. The amount of credits you have can be used on both of your servers. If you mean transferring them to another Minehut Account you can’t do that yet.
  8. Smelly place 

    1. Nichxlxs


      sniff sniff

  9. Anonymous192


    Sorry but there isn't a way to transfer player data with the world download.
  10. This is because of the default Spawn Protection. You can change this by going to https://minehut.com/dashboard/settings and then scrolling down to 'Spawn Protection' where you can edit the name. Then restart your server and it should be fixed.
  11. Since Ruffen said no one liked his monkey post I’ll be the first one.
  12. Anonymous192

    need help

    Here is a guide to Whitelist your server so no one else can join Whitelist Whitelisting is a way to allow specific players to join your Minehut server. /whitelist on - Turns the Whitelist on /whitelist off - Turns the Whitelist off /whitelist add <username> - Adds a user to the Whitelist /whitelist remove <username> - Removes a user from the Whitelist NOTE Players with OP bypass whitelist restrictions
  13. Anonymous192

    need help

    Here is another guide on ranks for PermissionsEX Ranks with PermissionsEX Ensure that you have Vault and Essentials Chat as well as PermissionsEX installed first. To create ranks you will need the permissions.* permission, to get this go to console and type /pex user (your name) add permissions.* Once you have that permission you can begin to make ranks, start by executing the command /pex group (rank) create to create the rank. Then to add a permission do /pex group (rank) add (permission node) To remove the permission do /pex group (rank) remove (permission node)
  14. Anonymous192

    need help

    They just help to get the persons reputation up and each reaction increases it by 1 like I have +29 right now.
  15. Anonymous192

    need help

    Make sure you have restarted your server after you have installed the plugin. Also thank you for the reactions
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