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  1. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). If your still having issues please make a fresh new forum post. Locked
  2. Hey I do belive it's just one word "use" then allow, I'm sure
  3. FadelessBanjo


    I think this is already a thing with the essentials plugin
  4. Question answered Topic locked
  5. FadelessBanjo


    Do you want something for when a player does /afk they are sent to a afk room?
  6. Question answered Topic locked
  7. This couldn't be minehut shutting minecraft down on you. Minecraft might not be able to handle and run your resource pack. Plus for your server it's the same to. Because of a lot of stuff happening on your server it might not be able to catch up.
  8. Ah ok Problem fixed Topic locked
  9. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). Locked
  10. You can't really do this but you can download your worlds like this here and just copy and paste your skript into a notepad file or something
  11. What are the commands you want to know?? There are alot
  12. Unfortunately no. But if you have a plugin you'd like added suggest it here
  13. But if you really want to have a plugin for your server you can suggest it here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/ Question answered Topic locked
  14. At least she hasn't lied that she's an animal
  15. No.. But you can suggest them here Also.. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). If you have any other questions please make a fresh new forum post
  16. Question answered Topic locked
  17. Hmm maybe ask your friend's to op you??
  18. SkyRide! How it would work: Two teams high in the sky and both of them need to raid and destroy each other. Both teams have a shop where they can buy items such as.. blocks to rebuild and tnt, fireballs, and a ray gun to destroy as many block's. When a player feels like there ready to go to the enemy base.. they jump on a slime trampoline that pushes the player as far as posspile to the other base. After the countdown finished, the base with the less and destroyed blocks.. lose and the ones with the most blocks win!
  19. Please don't post on content that has been silent for a month or more (necropost). Topic locked
  20. Hey! I do suggest using luck perms .. if want to know how to set them up with that plugin here's a video!! https://youtu.be/FU_tK-zYYb4
  21. Question answered Topic locked
  22. This year minehut had introduced a new(/updated) forum website! In this new forum users were able to get points by commenting on posts, making posts and having them reacted to there comment/post. Today (for me) Is the last year of 2019.. So its time to go over who has the most points in the top 3... 1st: @BennyDoesStuff 2nd: @Jackson85 3rd: @Trent These 3 had been the most popular points for 2019! Now I'm not to sure if it will reset for next year (2020) or not.. But if you'd like to be the most popular person on the forums.. Make the most interesting posts as possible (That follow the rules of cause ) !! I hope you had great year and enjoy the new one
  23. Hmm I suggest doing this.. /minecraft:tp @p [To somewhere]
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