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  1. I suggest you leave a link here to the Essential's update so the DEV's can update it (easier)
  2. Imagine having Mod rank SMH..

    1. mekbturtle


      ikr, wait where is your mod rank on forums, you have it on discord

    2. Jackson85


      Mod rank = best rank. You deserve nerd rank Fadeless.

  3. Supports many of the minecraft version's and is really cool/super helpful plugin! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/animatedscoreboard.20848/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=8e2be436303bda85f639401a3ba737573f2f9c17-1618097722-0-AU-lmlzFtKt-okGcFP5OLRqBSROd5G8sUUcY4NSafMmAbi7RCHFdceBKN4Q3TtH5To8lCt-eZ7njFuv1Uz8nI0u58EU-_-uWsetm_AYR9-a2wSxZRRXeb_0Z244zEREwObsNbKVdRilxYktLmcFmr9896hh4HWXKadhZC5LeTf1gMqHKiLuAt26xSJpdh5dc7a9OC2hIv0UNosAx6GBtofmcVZblQiBzTv6xr8v180WSeEaf0S4u4jfw-QRZozsrTg4jjfwl2V4l0vE1r4E5HyXnBhnlTL9ke5MrnhhrGwVG5ElxyQl_tOKthKkeSo16x6LzbklynrVZM8cnYWPFou2VRWS_jUWqS9t5DzKndz8ztm2bz_nmbxasGu
  4. Hey! I recommend you go here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/18-discussion/ for next time when you have a question about skript
  5. Hey! What version of the map is it? The command blocks could be running off old code
  6. You find a button to upload How do I become friends with MineCoder
  7. Please add the update https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/village-defense-1-11-1-16.41869/update?update=363903
  8. It finally has an update! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/murder-mystery-1-12-1-16.66614/update?update=361346 Please update it
  9. Got a nice new look, Tbh should I code an adventure game?


  10. FadelessBanjo


    Question answered Locked
  11. Hey! If you'd like you can also check this out Locked
  12. Question answered Locked
  13. I believe this is because Murder mystery is out of date or its needed plugins are disabled
  14. If that's what people want sure!
  15. I've been messaged alot lately about people wanting me to do a minehut Mod Series. So I thought, Sure why not. So what video would you guys like me to make? Server reviews, mod story's and ect. Have them listed in the comments and if you see an Idea you like in the comments, Just give it a positive reaction!
  16. Question answered Topic locked
  17. Yep! It's out. Maybe because you need to load new chunks, depending when you started the survival world
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