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  1. Are you ready to take your Minehut server to all new creative heights?! Now you can with Custom Plugins and our all-new File Manager! You’ve been patiently waiting for Custom Plugins on Minehut but that’s not the only update we are bringing you today! Here are the new things you can do in the new File Manager: New text editor Syntax highlighting including Skript Our syntax highlighting is open source! You can contribute new / updated highlighting here: https://github.com/Minehut/Minehut-Syntax-Highlighting Better mobile support for file manager Upload folders and zips Move files and folders Rename files and folders Ask to save before exit Navigate with a file tree Download files and folders directly from the file manager Read log.gz files in the file manager Ctrl+click to select files and folders File size now displayed Personal settings Drag to upload files Copy files and folders Search for files Navigate with breadcrumbs Right-click display a context menu All files available to edit, no more file extension whitelist More info: We'll still be maintaining our plugin list on the dashboard so it's easy for you to get started and use plugins without knowing where to get them outside of Minehut. If you install a plugin via the plugin panel, you'll also need to uninstall it via the panel. Deleting the .jar file (now possible!) will result in it being redownloaded the next time the server starts. Content packs can now include plugins. To get rid of the plugins installed via a content pack, you'll need to use the new uninstall content pack feature on the "Your Stuff" page that shows your purchased content packs. You can now view old log.gz files You can customize the file editor theme. This persists across your account. You can right click on files / folders for operations You will be able to edit your server.properties file directly, but we'll overwrite it with your settings from the "Settings" tab. Learn more about Minehut Unleashed! https://go.minehut.com/unleashed If you run into any issues uploading plugins or anything else, please contact support.
  2. It's time for Around the Block! Around the block is LIVE now! We will be playing the NBC Olympics Minigames. Start a new contest where you can win a Redstone server icon. Help you save BIG in the Minehut Market with a **FLASH SALE** ...and more! Watch now: https://youtu.be/Jt2LG0MGFew
  3. The first Minehut Unleashed update is here! We've got an all new market experience to help you level up your #Minehut server! Search? Filtering? Sorting? Ratings? (Coming Soon) Reviews? (Coming Soon) Categories? There's even more to explore! https://shop.minehut.com But that's not all... https://minehut.com/ has a whole new look! The colors have been refreshed and there is a whole new layout! This is just the beginning... stay tuned! Check everything out and then let us know what you think by joining Minehut Meta https://discord.gg/ZzHWvkAQWp
  4. This Summer we want to help you create the server of your dreams! We will be releasing several new updates soon that will allow you to turn your imagination into reality! Well... digital blocks. What's being UNLEASHED?! Custom Plugins Server Networks File Managers Custom Server Versions A New Market Experience What update are you most excited for?!
  5. It's time for Around the Block! This week's ATB will feature Trent Tower, battle of the builds, some spicy memes, and more! If we hit 500 subscribers, we will reveal something BIG coming to Minehut! Watch LIVE now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XiCiEeoSU0
  6. ATB is LIVE now! Are you ready for an episode of EPIC showdowns? Our hosts will go head-to-head in Trivia, a few Jackbox games, and an all-new segment called Kara-oke where Kara will try to stump Michael and Trent on the musical battlefield! After the show, get your learning on with Minehut Tutorials LIVE! Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iemS2xyJHRY
  7. This week on ATB... Michael and Trent face off in the ultimate rap battle judged by rap expert Kara and YOU! Everyone who joins us today will get an emerald block server icon! We will be exploring a Star Wars themed server and go "pew pew pew" And of course... memes and more! But wait... there's more! Everyone who joins us today will get a FREE emerald block server icon! Watch now:
  8. The hosts are all back this week with a special guest who will give you a peek behind the curtain, skin contest winners announcements, and more!
  9. Today on ATB we are having a watch party to support our fearless host Kara as she competes on Twitch Rivals! Watch live here: Play ATBingo with us and show us how many you spotted during the stream in the comments below!
  10. ATB is back again this week! Join our hosts this week as they get stumped on a trivia server, check out some memes, and more! We are launching a skin design contest this week where you can design a skin for your favorite ATB host! Everyone who enters will get a diamond hoe server icon! A winner for each host will get their skin featured on ATB and the host will wear it in-game! Details to enter will be shared on this week's episode right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjPOizD2SyI GLHF!
  11. Once again, we are hosting Twitch Rivals on Minehut but this time with an awesome new build! Check it out on Twitch now!
  12. Spring Break is here with three events featuring Heroes of Goo Jit Zu, Treasure X: Ninja Gold, and the Logitech G Color Collection! If you can successfully summon the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu and complete the Battle 4 the Artifacts, you’ll get a unique HERO rank! (This rank will last for the duration of the event.) When you find the secret Golden Room in the Treasure X: Ninja Gold Maze, you’ll get a special gold chat tag! (This tag will last for the duration of the event.) HALP! Someone broke into the lobby & stole all the colors from the Logitech G Color Collection. If you can return them all before Spring Break ends, you could win gear from the Logitech G Color Collection! Join the Minehut lobby to get started on your adventures now! Learn more here: https://go.minehut.com/springbreak
  13. Build your ultimate ride in your dream destination! Show us the places you'd want to go and the awesome rides you'd want to take you there! The top builds will be judged by celebrity judges and the chat! Your build could appear before RyGuyRocky, Jessica Kim, OMGChad, AndyIsYoda, PeterParkTV, and Booker T! Win awesome prizes! You could win a PS5, Nintendo Switch, or an Amazon gift card! How to enter: Enter between now and April 1st at 11:59 PM PDT to qualify! /join siennabuilds For more info visit: http://bit.ly/toyota-db-gg
  14. Time for another episode of Around the Block! Watch live now! Want to help with next week's episode? Fill out this questionnaire for our next Trent Outta Shape https://airtable.com/shrsIxXCTzmy8VpaX Don't forget about the latest Skyblock contest! Head over to /join ATSkyB Build a landmark from your favorite anime, cartoon, or show! Winner gets their build permanently featured on the DeephGames server!
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