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  1. Really well made! Probs already said this over 50 times
  2. GrindStones

    Minehut API

    Could you guys also add players to the api.minehut.com/server/%id% Because it already shows in api.minehut.com/servers This would help me alot for something im working on. If this is not possible its okay, I just want to fetch the player's name
  3. still no permission to edit .lang F in the chat bois
  4. Chapter One - The Warning “Three….Two…One, prepare for liftoff” radioed Officer Glacier “Ma’am there is a leak in the rocket do NOT fire the rocket!” warned Captain Mark Officer Glacier investigated the leak in the rocket. While investigating Glacier found a strange part that does not belong to the rocket. She saw a black metal box on the side of the rocket. She quickly radioed the people in the rocket to abort quickly and safely. “Why do we need to abort Ma’am?” asked “Pilot Luu” “Because I said so, LISTEN to my orders!” Threatened Glacier “Yes Ma'am” replied Luu As the ISRS (International Space Rocket Scientist) was about to check out the bizarre object on the rocket, a sudden beeping began to happen. Everyone started RUNNING! And went for shelter. As the beeping stopped, everyone thought that it was going to explode. But instead, a note popped out of it. Glacier was confused and she waited a couple of minutes in case if it was a exploding dud. Nothing happened for the past 30 minutes. Glacier sent out the ISRS to check out the note. “Glacier come over here you need to see this!” quickly shouted ISRC’s. Glacier was reading the note… “This was not a bomb... Instead, this is a warning for you to NOT shoot a rocket at our territory which is the MOON.. We know what you are up too. We know where you are. One mistake can cause your whole planet to be taken over us by the Androids” skimmed Glacier “This has to stop, The Androids has to much power over us. We need to overpower them and control THE MOON! If we don't they can have full control of us.” angered Glacier “Let's start planning then Ma'am” suggested Captain Mark Glacier knew that they would have to many weapons and can easily take down the rockets we send to them. “Maybe we can send five Decoy rockets and one Real Rocket so they don't have enough weapons to defend against it” suggested Glacier “That's a good idea! I'll start getting the rockets ready. Good suggestion Ma’me” noted Captain Mark Chapter Two - The Planning “ We have five Model X rocket that each cost 2.5 Million Dollars, They will fire into space but won’t any damage and they have remote control and we got 1 Model F/13 Rocket that has 1000 Pounds of TNT” radioed Captain Mark “Great we’ll fire the rocket soon” added Glacier While the Androids were working on a new model. They received a message for their spy, that the Earth Humans are building a new rocket firing at us. “We do not see that much but we see 5 Rocket Sir!” shouted Kindle Ku “Prepare our rockets. If they fire one we reciprocate. This is an order!” ordered General Kim “Yes SIR!” answered Kindle Ku “Prepare the OAS X/10 too” ordered General Kim “WHOA! That's an experimental rocket though.. We can't fire it! It can blow our entire universe up.” warned Kindle Ku “Are you questioning my order. DO YOU HEAR ME!” shouted General Kim “YES SIR. We’ll get it up” shouted Kindle Ku Kindle Ku knew this was the most dangerous weapon in the entire universe and can blow up everything. It contains thousands of pounds of Thorium. Kindle Ku ordered the rocket and will be ready to fire in a couple of days. The planet “Xena” heard about the androids firing a rocket at the plant “Earth”. Captain Mark quickly try to get contacts with the androids to stop. “The earth human beings have done so much for us, They helped us defend against the planet”Loki” they also donated so many resources that helped us make what Xena is today” whispered to himself. This is not okay, “Let's send a defending rocket to stop the androids” ordered Captain Mark “Yes Sir!, Sir what ship would you like to fire!” replied Corporal Zu. “Fire the most destructible ship there is at them!” shouted Captain Mark. “Yes Sir, We are going to fire the X/10” responded Corporal Zu. Chapter Three - The Fire As the Officer Glacier (The officer of the earth beings) was about to get ready and fire. A rocket came CRASHING! Down at a speed of 1000 miles per hour! The first rocket hit the grass field. Glacier saw another rocket zooming down and about to hit, Glacier quickly shouted “PULL THE EMERGENCY LEVER” Space Corporal Zan pulled the lever and sent Eleven Different signals to allied planets. One of them was Xena. The plant Xena got an emergency help alarm and quickly gather rockets to fire at the androids. A second rocket came SLAMMING at the signal tower. No one got hurt but many people were injured to do the radioactivity. Officer Glacier admittedly issued a signal to fire the rocket at the Androids. “3, 2, 1, the rocket has been fired” radioed Pilot Luu Xena got a signal that another rocket has been fired and saw that the rocket is being fired at the moon. Xena quickly issued a help signal against the androids, Captain Mark ordered to fire the “X/10, the most destructible ship”. “Yes Sir!, We are firing in 3, 2, 1,” replied Corporal Zu A rocket has been fired to the moon. A couple of minutes later Kindle Ku spotted a rocket coming towards her. She pulled the EMERGENCY ALARM but the androids did not ally with other planets, Instead it warned the planet to take cover. A minute minutes later a ship CRASHED into another ship and caused a chain of explosion causing many ships to blow up and not the OAS X/10. The rocket coming from Xeno crash landed right beside the OAS X/10 causing it to blow up and the planet moon is destroyed.
  5. I need followers :C the end.
  6. Yum, my fav memory is when you had to install plugins from /controlpanel and you only had a limit of like 10 plugins unless ur vip or smth
  7. GrindStones


    There is not way and will not be a way as benny stated that a long time ago in the discord. You can do ctrl + f and look up "BennyDoesStuff" and "Credits" and you can see he mentioned that it will never be implemented
  8. +1 This would be cool to have a horse jump event as it can open up alot of new features and gamemodes
  9. ───────────────────────────────────────────────── Introducing a bounty skript made by GrindStones.. Includes a hologram when a bounty is placed ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Requirements/Placeholders: - Skript - Rayfall - HolographicDisplays - Vault (Not Really Required as you can change "player's balance" to your own variable Examples: https://imgur.com/a/m4kuh4I https://imgur.com/a/fRkLSNJ Message Grindstones#8316 On discord if you need to ask any questions or comment down below bounty.sk
  10. This is not skript related. If you want help go to the support section or #help in discord
  11. GrindStones


    test, no its not
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