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  1. Really well made! Probs already said this over 50 times
  2. Could you guys also add players to the api.minehut.com/server/%id% Because it already shows in api.minehut.com/servers This would help me alot for something im working on. If this is not possible its okay, I just want to fetch the player's name
  3. still no permission to edit .lang F in the chat bois
  4. Chapter One - The Warning “Three….Two…One, prepare for liftoff” radioed Officer Glacier “Ma’am there is a leak in the rocket do NOT fire the rocket!” warned Captain Mark Officer Glacier investigated the leak in the rocket. While investigating Glacier found a strange part that does not belong to the rocket. She saw a black metal box on the side of the rocket. She quickly radioed the people in the rocket to abort quickly and safely. “Why do we need to abort Ma’am?” asked “Pilot Luu” “Because I said so, LISTEN to my orders!” Threatened Glacier “Yes Ma'am” repl
  5. I need followers :C the end.
  6. Yum, my fav memory is when you had to install plugins from /controlpanel and you only had a limit of like 10 plugins unless ur vip or smth
  7. GrindStones


    There is not way and will not be a way as benny stated that a long time ago in the discord. You can do ctrl + f and look up "BennyDoesStuff" and "Credits" and you can see he mentioned that it will never be implemented
  8. +1 This would be cool to have a horse jump event as it can open up alot of new features and gamemodes
  9. ───────────────────────────────────────────────── Introducing a bounty skript made by GrindStones.. Includes a hologram when a bounty is placed ────────────────────────────────────────────────── Requirements/Placeholders: - Skript - Rayfall - HolographicDisplays - Vault (Not Really Required as you can change "player's balance" to your own variable Examples: https://imgur.com/a/m4kuh4I https://imgur.com/a/fRkLSNJ Message Grindstones#8316 On discord if you need to ask any
  10. This is not skript related. If you want help go to the support section or #help in discord
  11. GrindStones


    test, no its not
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