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  1. yeah i may have uhh got banned for over 6mo, i dont know it exactly, i believe it is a year i decided of the bright idea to toy with the mods with alts and vpns, dumb ik yeah. forgot to turn dms on on my last alt so the only ban screenshot i have is for 6mo lmao not complaining, i deserve this ban, just kinda funny tbh
  2. i have a planet full of pushpins, you should visit one day!
  3. i deserve the mute lmao, no need to start a hashtag
  4. i got muted for death wishes lmao. i totally deserve it, just saying so don't go off at me in the comments for "complaining about a punishment"
  5. The second "bug" will be a bug with Minecraft's login servers. The first issue, you can try to rejoin and that usually works. If not, try the following. Rejoin the lobby. Restart Minecraft Restart Minecraft and the Launcher. Restart your PC Hope this helps.
  6. I get that I rant about my punishments and how it pisses people off. But you got to understand that I made this post a month ago. I made it when the staff team were a lot worse and would false punish very often. I do now understand that they were still learning and still had a lot to learn. It is hard for a staff team to issue punishments, especially ones that don't know what the Minehut community is like. I do believe I need to stop complaining and just accept a punishment if I get it, even if I do believe it is false.
  7. I've decided to join back onto the Discord just for Pride Month. I will not be using any other Minehut platforms though. Who knows? I may stay for longer.
  8. This will be my final forums post. I just want to say, I quit Minehut. After the new staff team have came, so many people including me have been false punished. So whether you knew me or not, farewell all.
  9. i cannot tell if this is a joke or fr
  10. Please suggest that in "Plugin Suggestions"
  11. Yeah but that takes too long smh
  12. Please do not comment on posts older than 1 month.
  13. I'll probably get banned for posting this but I couldn't care less. Before Minehut was taken over by SLG, we had fun, creative servers. And now, all you'll see is Generator, Skyblock, SMP, Skymine, and many more unoriginal server ideas. My experience with Minehut has been quite bad too, free servers having advertisements from the Market every 3 minutes, new staff members false punishing members and more that have really ruined my experience with Minehut. Discord is my most active form of communication with the Minehut community but I have stopped posting as regularly because of the new staff members false punishing members for the most stupid reasons. I used to be actively involved in the community but after the new mods arrived, I have slowly been getting more and more inactive due to the high risk of getting punished for one wrong word that the mods cannot play off as sarcasm. This is exactly what the community members wanted, an anti-sarcasm community where one wrong word can get you muted or banned. SLG thought of the great idea of employing untrained mods that don't know anything about the community to moderate an entire Discord server of over 80,000 members and a Minecraft server with over 200,000 monthly members. SLG could've done something that the community would actually like like updating the outdated file editor, or adding a live console that quite a few members have requested, or even just the possibility of reviewing old logs. There are so many things that SLG could've done that would help the community but no, they decided a new untrained staff team would be the best bang for their buck. Note: If I did end up missing any keypoints, please list them in the comments and I'll make sure to add them.
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