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  1. please dont reply on posts over 1 month (necroposting)
  2. sorry for the late reply, do you have skrayfall installed?
  3. I'm going to be making more Skript Tutorials, thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Hello all, in this tutorial I will be sharing the basics of Skript. This tutorial will include how to install Skript, how to indent and basic understanding of Skript features. If you don't already have Skript installed, this is how you install it. Start your server Click "Edit Server" Head over to "Plugins" Search "Skript" in the search bar You will see alot of plugins named "Skript Addon: [addon]", don't get them yet Scroll down till you find "Skript" Click on "Skript" Click "Install Plugin" Restart your server To access Skript files and make Skripts, do what is shown b
  5. Please provide links when requesting plugins.
  6. coal = $10 iron ingot = $20 gold ingot = $35 lapis = $55 redstone = $75 diamond = $100 emerald =$125 Sellwand | 1x Sellwand | 1.25x Sellwand | 1.5x Sellwand | 1.75x Sellwand | 2x Sellwand | 2.5x Sellwand | 3x Sellwand | 4x
  7. Great detail, great for people who want to use mongo.
  8. Hewo, I'm emopedia... I'm not new to the forums but I haven't made an introduction to me so uhh yeh.
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