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  1. Player has been punished, thanks for the report!
  2. Hey. The account quenathra is currently not banned on Warzone, nor ever was. Sure sounds like a misunderstanding to me, is it possible that you've got the username/server mixed up?
  3. Please don't create joke reports. Locking this report
  4. Hey, we meet again. After discussing your appeal with the rest of the staff team, we've come to the decision to give you another chance. Your appeal has been accepted. Please note that if you're ever banned again, there'll be a very slim chance of getting unbanned, although I'm sure you're aware of that. Have fun with your friends on warzone, and have a great day. I'll be leaving this open for the next 24 hours, in case you have any questions
  5. Thanks for the report! Unfortunately, this isn't sufficient evidence (it's in first person and it's way too short). The player is also already banned from the server
  6. Thanks for the appeal, player has been punished
  7. Thanks for the report! Looks like this player has already been banned. Have a great day!
  8. Closing appeal as the 24 hours have passed
  9. Keep that promise and the staff team will most likely unban you. Not right now, but in the future. Your friends were most likely playing with you when you were banned on Adaptable. Like you, they probably knew that by joining on another alternate account, you were evading a ban and would be punished for it. I bet they play actively enough on Warzone to know and understand the rules. I would suggest not joining again in the future just because they were bagging you. You guys all know better than that. Like I mentioned in your last appeal, when you joined on Aldrer you threw away your chance. I will not be unbanning you at this time. You had broken my trust, and I really don't believe that you've learnt your lesson. No amount of times repeating the same message over and over again in your appeal is going to change that - time is. Appeal denied. This will be staying open for 24 hours, in case you have any questions.
  10. Thanks. I really do appreciate your honesty. I hope you have a great day as well. I'll be honest right back to you; if this appeal was solely for Kailver and your other 2 accounts had never joined, I still probably wouldn't unban you right now. For hacks and client modifications we permanently ban players - it's not 2 month ban. It's permanent. Of course, forever is a long time and we'll tend to unban players - case by case - after x amount of months. Considering this, if you were actually banned 5 months ago and had never evaded, I would have most likely appealed your punishment. I understand that it's frustrating to not be able to play with your friends. That doesn't mean that your should evade your punishment. Each time you do you decrease the likelihood of an unban. Even if one time may have been accidental (Adaptable), you still intentionally did evade punishment afterwards (Aldrer). Unfortunately, I cannot give you another chance at this time.
  11. Hey, it's me again. To start things off, just to lay down the facts; your original ban (with Kailver) was on Feb 2nd, a mere 2.5 months ago. Your next ban was on March 25th (with Adaptable). Finally, your last ban was on March 26th (with Aldrer). I noticed you've edited your appeal - the reason behind why Aldrer joining has changed (used to say that you joined the server to talk to the mod who banned you, only to see that he wasn't on and were banned by another moderator instead). Should I interpret that as what is there now is the truth, while the old message was a lie?
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