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  1. In January of 2020 I banned the account fiskozo, which I assume is the "free alt". It has been over a year, so I'll unban you. This appeal will stay open for 24 hours, if you have any questions or anything else to add.
  2. Dude idk what the report format is (this is ironic), also ignore the fact that I still have the mod role in the club IGN: TTV_Dakota_YT Reason for reporting: Racial Slurs Evidence: linked Additional comments: if you want to look in server chat, you'll notice he does this a lot and also spams
  3. Given circumstances, this has been handled internally. Report closed
  4. Player is permanently banned, but thanks for the report!
  5. Hey. I wouldn't recommend ever joining on a mcleaks account. As you found out the hard way, it'll typically link you to other accounts people used to hack, ending up with you being falsely punished. Appeal accepted. This thread will stay open for 24 hours, in case you have any questions or anything else to add.
  6. __BT


    Hi, sorry jumping in. None of that information asked is actually needed. You're linked to a lot of banned accounts, my guess is that you join often on VPNs. Please be advised, they are "use at your own risk", because obviously you can get linked to accounts and falsely banned. I would encourage you not to use a VPN at all. That being said, I looked into it; I determined that you weren't actually SuperWatermel0n, and you're unbanned. Let us know if you have any issues connecting!
  7. Oops sorry. Tbh your appeal isn't as easy as others. The ip you most recently joined on was not the ip that linked you to CyborgDan. Instead it was the ip you would have joined on June-August, 46 times in fact. (In that time period you never joined on a different ip). You were also only banned a month ago, while CyborgDan was banned a year ago (you did state you were banned a year ago). It really makes it tough for me to take your side on this. It doesn't look like you joined on a VPN in June-August.
  8. Hi. Looking to gather more information. Were you on a VPN when you were banned? How often do you join on a VPN, or was this a one time occurrence?
  9. Alright, sorry about this false ban. You're unbanned! I'd discourage you from using a VPN while playing Warzone, this tends to happen a lot. This appeal will close in 24 hours.
  10. Which account is your main; Reaiiy or Postulation? Or sorry edit - which one were you playing while on a VPN?
  11. Hi. I don't know about you, but this looks an awful lot like scaffold; Maybe don't lie in your appeal when trying to get unbanned. Ban-Evading your punishment instead of waiting for a mod to reply in 30 minutes will also get your appeal denied. I hope you have a great day, this appeal will close in 24 hours
  12. Hey! I hope that you've read our rules by now. It's been a while since you were banned, so we're giving you a second chance. If you're caught hacking again there will be no other chances. Have a great day! This appeal will stay open for 24 hours in case you have any questions or anything else to add
  13. Hi. I've checked the console logs, your story checks out. My mistake for banning you. Just to let you know, by default Minehut masks all ips. No idea why you're using a VPN, but if it's for security reasons it's not necessarily needed. It'll typically just link you to another account that's banned already, leading to these situations. Anyways, you're unbanned! Have a great day! This appeal will be staying open for 24 hours, in case you have any questions or anything else to add.
  14. By default, Minehut masks all user ips, so there's no way that I could send you the ip to match it with your VPN. Fortunately, masking is consistent per user; I can view ip hashes. For example, I can see that you joined every single time on the same ip, until yesterday where you probably joined on the VPN. That separate ip is linked to the banned account. Therefore I can deduce that this punishment was false - sorry about that. You're unbanned, enjoy playing on Warzone! This appeal will be staying open for 24 hours, in case you have any questions or anything else to add.
  15. This appeal will be staying open for 24 hours, in case you have anything to add or any questions.
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