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  1. ItsAPerson

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    if i have im not suprised
  2. ItsAPerson

    Donor Lobby

    +1 And possibly have other features such as possibly building and such.
  3. ItsAPerson


    (psst join my club https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/538-axolotls-daily/)
  4. i am itsaperson. i steal knee caps. and i keep axolotls. (psst join my club for axolotls https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/538-axolotls-daily/) i also build and do other person things. *insert joke here* *insert some fancy thing that i have done here* and that is my forums introduction. even tho i have done like 3 of these already
  5. So. As a few of you know I ran a club a few months ago called Axolotls Daily. It was deleted due to lacking a server. I have now made a server that will house pictures of axolotls and more Axolotl related things. This also means that now my club can't be deleted. (im looking at you TacticalModz.) So I am proud to announce that Axolotls Daily is back. Join the club for pictures of axolotls and sometimes videos. Thank you all and join the club below.
  6. I agree with this 100%, I believe that every player should be looked at with a clean slate, and adding on to that, even if a player has a certain reputation of being say toxic, they should be looked at with a clean slate until proven otherwise, people change, and if they are truly trying to change they should not have their past being focused on more than who they are today, or who they will be tomorrow.
  7. Welcome! Hope you have a great time here!
  8. Daily dose of internet Minehut EthosLab Mark Rober
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