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  1. looks like a banny to me b a n n y
  2. The devs are pretty good with stuff like this, like he said it should be fixed shortly
  3. then got clapped by a screaming Raptor
  4. ItsAPerson


    yeah, i will make sure to keep in touch, i will probably get on every now and then to spend some time and check out the new player-servers, idk how long i will be gone but i will miss it
  5. ItsAPerson


    i am writing this to you at three am, so excuse me if this isn't the best grammatically. but let us begin, I have been on Minehut for years now, I have seen servers, people, and trends come and go. Over the last few months, my drive and passion to play Minehut are faltering, I have found servers that quite frankly i now enjoy more than minehut. back a few years ago, minehut was about creating unique servers, and the players reflected this. spin-offs were outcast and not well received, the server list was full of unique servers. over the past two years or so, i feel like this has come to a jarring halt. servers are replicated and there are only a few unique servers that inevitably get buried under the low quality and quickly slammed together servers that players create to not only get players but also some generate income. most servers are focused around one repetitive task that often takes no skill. servers like idler where you do nothing. or genpvp where you do the same task over and over again. i got bored one day and decided to hop on a genpvp server, within an hour i had every item there was, it took no skill and a few minutes mining a block. servers like elytrafly for instance, do unique things and were rewarded for it. now there are just servers that have one repetitive task that takes no skill and are playerfarms. these "playerfarms" take almost no effort to make, builds can be thrown together in mere minutes, whereas in old days servers were revered for their builds and the time and effort put into them, attached is an image of a server that was one of the top 10ish on the leaderboard. I could make the builds for that server in roughly five minutes, it just goes to show how easy it is to create a server. slap on a few plugins and you're done. the sd thing is, is that these are the types of servers that get the attraction of the playerbase, now and then a new unique server will come along but it usually doesn't last long due to the sheer amount of "spam" that fills up the server list. this has made me lose my drive, and passion to continue playing as actively as i once was, a figment lost to time just like the passion to create new and unique servers by the playerbase.
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