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  1. ItsAPerson

    Ideas Please

    I would suggest a decent creative plots server
  2. For a while there was a Minehut Server Review discord, will you be making another discord or staying forum based for the moment? If you do decide to go with Discord it would be a really cool idea for the players of Minehut to be able to express their opinions freely about a server, and also have things such as polls about gamemodes servers and the works.
  3. What keeps you on Minehut? Well, just the community and the range of different servers, players can be so creative, you never know what new idea will pop up next. What kind of plans do you have on Minehut (things you're doing or want to do) I eventually would like to become staff, and run a successful server. Things you like about Minehut? The community, it never ceases to amaze me how creative some people are. Something you would change about/on Minehut and how you would change it? Just some overall streamlining of some features, maybe parties, where everyone gets warped to the same server, fun features like that! Favorite memory on Minehut. Well, a few years ago I had a few friends, me Gelouie and TreeOfLife and we were a building and development trio. My favorite memory is us three working on servers together. Anything else you want to share?
  4. The problem is not client side, there are too many servers active on Minehut at the moment
  5. It's like it says, there are to many servers online at the moment, wait a while then try to activate your server.
  6. You were most likely banned accidentally in a wave of botting. Follow the instructions above to get unbanned.
  7. make a decent creative plots server
  8. Appeal, but for your question. What you said could be counted as racism. If you did not mean to be racist put that in your appeal.
  9. The crashing could be caused by multiple things, at peak times Minehut is taxed by the ammount of servers / players on the network. Or, some source of lag on your server could be causing the crashes.
  10. Hello! I am creating a build project based around Minehut. I used the MH logo for my template, and I will construct a city in and around the logo, so that the top view shows the mh logo. I will post updates here. If you would like to help with the project, msg me ingame or on the forums.
  11. i have good signature, maybe even best signature
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