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  1. Looks cool, though the reason most people make backups is so if their MH server is obliterated they at least have a local backup.
  2. Gaming is healthy in moderation Cya Gaminger
  3. tumble for the win also tough scenes
  4. a reply to FILR and FARWL: What features changed that made Minehut unenjoyable? old features such as /party thanos snapped, minehut hosted servers like bedwars thanos snapped, third party servers thanos snapped, featured servers gui gone, people making decent servers gone, basic commands such as /find and /ignore not working as expected, lots of network lag (not to say that is your fault but it makes it unenjoyable nevertheless), lobbies being filled with spam and racial slurs at 3 am eastern instead of actual conversation, gray chat kind of bad, all lobbies remaining linked,
  5. respectable pfp

  6. they could just setup a ftp proxy like minecoder was suggesting in the first ama although technology is most likely not there yet, perhaps itll make an appearance in a few years
  7. ThatOneTqnk


    tough scenes
  8. Minehut does not yet have the technology for backups, perhaps they will make an appearance within a few years
  9. how do i google something
  10. you are correct, they have stated recently they are specifically focusing on monetization features, instead of higher priority features for users. so you could reasonably infer that means they need money
  11. puedes usar mods, minehut no cuida si estas usando mods
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