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  1. Hello everyone, I am Practicyn some of you may know me from being a minehut hacker. Now I would like to start off on why i quit Minecraft, It was because I have been playing it for far too long and that I have been losing interest in Minehut, I had too much knowledge and was starting to get boring, so I decided I would leave minehut and quit Minecraft and move to FiveM. Regarding my business (PracticynLLC), That has been discontinued and possibly be removed. I want to wish everyone a thanks for helping me and letting me in on the Minehut Community, It has been fun and has taught me alot!. Sta
  2. So I'm trying to find the chat colors because I'm trying to show people that I'm the owner of the server. What is the plugin called?


  3. Do you possibly have a command block where it does /killall entites and then another to /broadcast [0] Entities were removed
  4. Click on it, and see if someone replied to it, If not then be patient.
  5. Please check your application at https://forums.minehut.com/forum/194-staff-applications/
  6. Decent skript, but not a big fan on skripted anticheats because it can cause many false bans and false flags.
  7. 10/10 Good skripter and also my boss at MDC Development
  8. Overall looks pretty good, could you add some examples of ur skript? ( like screenshots of certain features )
  9. Practicyn

    Nether & end

    Don't know If I can help with this, but I will try and do some research.
  10. Double check and make sure you don't have the ClearLag Plugin.
  11. Practicyn

    Skript Issues

    You may need certain skript dependencies, It depends on what kind of skript you are working, and It should auto reload it when u restart your server.
  12. Nice to meet you, seen you alot on the discord!
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