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  1. ESSENTIAL INFORMATION What is your minecraft username? terraformm What is your discord tag? (e.g Criticyl#0869) terraform #9708 How old are you? 13 What is your timezone? Central, USA GENERAL QUESTIONS Why did you choose to apply for a staff position on Ruin and not elsewhere? I choose the Ruin community because a lot of friends play it including cowconut and of course Criticyl (Hopefully). I also choose Ruin for it's amazing scripting and development and I feel it chose me to apply for staff on it. What makes you stand out over other applicants? I stand out because I am a nice, kind, generous, playful, and academic 13 year old. I also love to terraform and moderate. I love the Ruin staff team and hope to join it. Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? If so, explain where you were staff what your role was as a staff member. I have been a staff member on way, way too many servers to list. How many hours on a day to day basis can you commit to Ruin? If it is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday than I could commit 30-45 minutes a day after 3:00 on Central Time. But when it is a weekend maybe 1-2 and half hours a day. Have you had any punishments on Ruin or any other server? If so, why? To be honest with you, I have not been punished on Ruin, and can't remember any other servers I have been punished on. SCENARIOS Somebody asks how to play. What do you tell them? I would say, "This is a mining server, {their ign}, and you have to mine to get higher levels and try to upgrade and grind for better tools/weapons and then you can prestige to go on in the rankings." Somebody asks for levels, what do you tell them? "Unfortunately, {player's ign} I can't give levels to anyone, but you can earn them by mining." Somebody spams racial slurs. What do you do. I would mute the person for a week, and then if they do it again, temp-ban them for 3 days. Somebody blatantly cheats, what do you do? I would temp-ban them for a month, and if they come back again and cheat again, then I will have to ban them perm-ban them.
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