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  1. This may be due to the fact that Minehut was under maintenance when your friend tried to connect, try getting your friend to join now as the problem should be fixed.
  2. Try posting something funny or helpful, that usually works
  3. lotix

    /prevservers list

    +1 would be very useful/benefitial
  4. lotix


    Don't worry, the services should be back online soon!
  5. Very true, maybe do a stereotype of different players? e.g. the skripter, the builder, etc
  6. Welcome to the forums community!
  7. We don't need to speak about that
  8. I ordered the event bread, it was meant to be here by 8 sharpish, this is outrageous.
  9. I would like to file a complaint, I found a genpvp server in my bread. I am truly appalled by this horrific quality of food. Apart from that, nice bread
  10. +1 moderate amount of detail, good personality, great formatting
  11. +1 not much detail, but a nice lad.
  12. welcome to the forums community!
  13. Application Accepted Hey, Kailum! After careful consideration from the management team, we have decided that you would be a great fit for the staff team here at Ruin! Please contact the staff manager (McThistle#6286) to receive further information regarding your application. Thank you for applying, this topic will remain locked to prevent further posting
  14. Somebody probably banned you, if you have console, you can just use the command /pardon to unban yourself. This thread also belongs in Community Support!
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