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  1. Applications have now been opened with a new guideline to follow, new requirements and a new staff process to read over. These staff members will be coming in as trainees for our initial release as we are looking for extra moderation when we do release again for the next season. If you want to help moderate the server when we do release, now is the time to submit your application! Applications will be read by me and Tastq mainly. We are doing them slightly differently to how we previously have read applications. Instead of having to write loads and loads with extreme detail, simply meeting the public requirements will be enough to be considered. You will also be checked against private criteria, but you do not need to know about those said requirements.
  2. Discord Ban Appeal If you have been banned from our discord server, you can appeal using the format listed below. Any other discord punishments should be appealed via discord tickets. Discord blacklists/network bans will be dealt with by the administration team via DMs. To appeal a discord ban, copy and paste the pre-written format below and answer all questions honestly. A forums moderator will respond to your appeal as soon as they can, usually within a few hours. Asking a moderator to review your appeal may result in an instant denial, please be patient. Appeal Format What is your discord name & tag (e.g. lotix#3786): Why were you punished (if you can remember): Do you think this punishment is justified: Provide reasoning to the answer above: Why should we revoke your punishment: Anything else that you think we should take into consideration: Note: By submitting a discord appeal, you automatically agree that the moderator's choice is final and you must appeal 2 weeks after the denial of your initial appeal to appeal again.
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    poggers, pogchamp is only for the best of the best
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    the war rages on
  5. Maybe some sort of auction house wit custom currency?
  6. hello, i am lotix and i welcome you
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    Rip, goodluck with your future endeavors.
  8. Like Santio, I hang out with quite a few staff members so I couldn't really pin point a favorite, but Vinixs has helped me out before so he is quite cool.
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