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  1. lotix

    Unused Server Names

    this has been suggested many times before and I still think its a good idea. It has some complications but its a good idea
  2. I use skript, as you obviously know by our dms lol
  3. Do you have multiverse installed and if so, are you using that?
  4. lotix

    Donor Lobby

    I don't see anything wrong with this, would be a great feature to encourage donations +1
  5. From my experience, and I'm not being bias here, ValkNet is essentially just a server host. Sure, making your server with your friends could be fun for some people but I could just do that on minehut, with better resources and more memory at my disposal. I also agree with the above, the staff team are very harsh when it comes to punishments, and sometimes they don't even punish via their own rules, but this is just my opinion. If the staff team was shaped up a bit and maybe some unique features were added, I'm positive that it would gain more attraction.
  6. Applications - Moderator As a moderator, you will have a chance to join a certain team (either the Discord or Forums team). Your role is to moderate the in-game server and work for your team. Requirements ⚬ You must be at least 13 years of age ⚬ You must have a positive reputation around Minehut ⚬ You must have at least an hour of playtime Format Background Information What is your IGN: How old are you: What country do you currently live in: What languages do you speak fluently: What is your discord name and tag: Do you own a microphone: All About You What qualities do you have that could benefit the staff team: What are you hoping to accomplish in your time on the staff team: Do you have any moderation experience that helps you stand out from other candidates: Describe yourself in the most creative way in 10 words or less: Is there anything else which you would like to add: Agreements (y/n) If you are denied, do you agree not to argue with the decision of the manager, and instead take on the responsibility of improving in that area: Do you understand that if you ask a staff member to look at your application, it will be instantly declined: Do you agree to help any and all players who request your guidance, even if you are not accepted:
  7. Appeal Format Your IGN: Rule broken: Type of punishment (e.g. mute/ban): Why your punishment should be revoked: To submit a report, copy and paste the format and create a new topic!
  8. Report Format (Bugs) Platform of bug (e.g. discord, server or forums): Explanation of bug: Steps to reproduce the bug: Screenshot of the bug: To submit a report, copy and paste the format and create a new topic!
  9. Report Format (Users) IGN of offender: Your IGN: Rule broken: Evidence: To submit a report, copy and paste the format and create a new topic!
  10. That's a lot of minehut that I just saw
  11. lotix


    not sure yet
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