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  1. Thanks for the amazing opportunity I will greatly miss everyone although I will still be in the community and helping Minehut in some way.
  2. SilentF1ame


    let's see how long this does last
  3. SilentF1ame

    server help

    Hey there please don't spam/flood the post but to answer your question you can go into your minecraft client logs by navigating to your .minecraft > logs > latest.log. If this doesn't give you the server unfortuantely there is no other way unless you remember a username to type /find (username) and find the server again
  4. Hey there I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your time on Minehut. Welcome to our forums!
  5. SilentF1ame


    Hey there not currently, you can only use client side mods like optifine. Instead you can use Plugins which add extra features to your server. They can be found in the plugins tab
  6. Hey please make sure not to respond the threads that haven't been active for over a month! Locked
  7. Hey please don't respond to threads that have been inactive for over a month! Locked
  8. Hello there! Nice to see you on our forums
  9. Hey please go post a request for it in our plugins section here and make sure to send a link to it aswell. Thanks!
  10. Near farrr wherever you are. Thanks btw
  11. ❤️ for responding to all my reports.

  12. Please don't post on threads inactive for over a month. Locked
  13. SilentF1ame

    I need help

    Moved to Help please try posting in the correct category. Thanks!
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