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  1. Helloooooo, hope you're all doing well and are still vibing during these unfortunate times. Ever since leaving, I started to wonder if any "proof" came up regarding the Vinixs is fake conspiracy. If someone drops some juicy evidence below, i'll come back I'll be checking in, you have until September 5th MISS YOU ALL BTW
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    am real can confirm
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    I never shy away from a meme
  4. Vinixs i am real so i hope i win
  5. Vinixs


    luv u filler : (
  6. Minigame servers just hit different
  7. there's only 2 things i simp for.... Super league & Spiderlogical
  8. ha pog i got #3 >:D and lmao i guess you can tell who my mentor was o.O
  9. bro why you gotta expose me like that
  10. obviously more free op and clicker servers
  11. Soooooo basically I made a bet with LogicalSpider that if I reached 100 reputation on the forums, I'd post a face reveal. Tbh i wasn't expecting to hit it this quick but you guys are pretty cool so I guess it's only fair you see my face o.O October 9th, 2017 Here's a picture of me and my little sister vibing hard March 16th, 2020 Wouldn't be fair of me to only post an outdated picture of myself, so here's a more recent picture of me and a cool dude from one of our last days in high school
  12. @Waifer make sure you add this function, and make sure you run it in either a command or timed event
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