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[Forum Game] This or That

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4 hours ago, Ceppy said:


Stay up late and wake up late OR go to bed early and wake up early 

Sorry if I’m breaking the chain- going to bed early could mean going to bed 1 minute earlier than the night before and waking up an hour early, you didn't specify a time.


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black and white (it adds a nice aesthetic to pictures)

Strawberry or Watermelon?

JrMod :: April 24, 2018
Mod :: June 2018

SrMod :: June 21, 2019
Resigned :: September 1, 2019
Returned as Mod :: December 30, 2019
SrMod:: February 14, 2020


Discord: _Gingey_#3898
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GingeyMC

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Skript or Script?

  • Been "Skripting" for half a year now
  • Whale type 
  • Doesn't like Idle Servers (But made one)
  • Doesn't like Mining-PvP servers (But made one)
  • Likes MrScopes lol


I make original memes about minehut too.



  • Discord Swayl#4299
  • MC IGN - Swayl

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