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  1. Sorry I went inactive for a bit on these fourms, my wifi is awful.

  2. 1 You all will never stop us from trying, probably!!!
  3. vip2kea


    This is a hard choice, but I would pick some sort of light blue. If no light blue then purple is great.
  4. Hmm, if I had 1,000,000 dollars... First I would pay all the bills/debt. Then I would buy a desktop. Then I will save /invest the remaining money.
  5. If dogs could talk, what would you ask them? also, tell your dogs I said hi Omg you have some super cute dogs
  6. “It’s ok to fall as long as you get back up.” Its sortof an inspiring quote I guess. XD
  7. This. Is. Amazing! I probably will never get to use it (lag), but this is a great idea everyone should use!
  8. Hello!


    Today is a Friday! Seya in-game maybe. Maybe not though since I need to reattach my internet cord to my computer.

  9. Your conspiracy’s are great. if you stop them that’s ok. But seriously who doesn’t like conspiracy’s?!?!
  10. vip2kea

    Server Status

    +1 We need this.
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