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  1. Nd_

    Copy a building

    I am making a custom Skyblock skript, and I want to clone the island whenever the player spawns. I tried Skematic but you can't even use it because you have to have FAWE(which Minehut doesn't have). But is there any way to clone the building?
  2. You can delete your post by going to moderator actions and selecting hide
  3. Nd_

    Tuske GUI help

    Code: on right click: if player is holding a nether star named "&5Potion Menu" with lore "&5Get your potions": player is in world "ul_KitPVP": open virtual chest inventory with size 1 named "&5Potions" to player format gui slot 0 of player with splash potion of harming named "Splash Potion Of Harming" with lore "&5You have: %{%player's uuid%.splashpotionofharming}% Splash Potions Of Harming" to close and run: if {%player's uuid%.splashpotionofharming} is less than 1: message "&4You don't have any Splash Potions Of Harming" else: give a splash potion of harming to the player subtract 1 from {%player's uuid%.splashpotionofharming} It says it doesn't understand the condition or effect.
  4. Is the message "Benny Is A Robot"?
  5. That was the problem, I just thought it was the skript.
  6. It currently teleports you through a block, like the WorldEdit command //thru. The skript that was doing it was teleport with compass
  7. IDK if this is a false positive or what, but I went to the page and my AV blocked it. Is there any reason for this? EDIT: It isn't a false positive, it's a virus(community score on Virus Total)
  8. 2019-07-21 10-25-57.mp4
  9. I was setting up a World Switcher with a compass, but a disabled skript somehow executed it's skript instead of the World Switcher skript. I deleted the skript that was doing it and refreshed it but it didn't work. Then I tried turning the server off and on, but that didn't work either
  10. Code: on chat: if message contains {bannedwords::*}: message "&4Your message has been blocked by the filter" cancel event command /cfadd <text>: permission: chatfilter.add description: Add a word to the chat filter executable by: players trigger: if argument contains {bannedwords::*}: message "%argument% is already a banned word" else: add argument to {bannedwords::*} message "&4You have added %argument% to the Chat Filter" command /cfremove <text>: permission: chatfilter.remove description: Remove a word to the chat filter executable by: players trigger: if argument contains {bannedwords::*}: remove argument from {bannedwords::*} message "&4You have removed %argument% from the Chat Filter" else: message "%argument% isn't a banned word" command /cflist: permission: chatfilter.list description: Lists the Banned Words executable by: players trigger: message "%{bannedwords::*}%" There are no error messages, but the if argument contains {bannedwords::*} and the if message contains {bannedwords::*} think I mean if they type {bannedwords::*}, not if they type something in the list.
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