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  1. Nd_


    The https://csmines.namelesshosting.com/ link isn't working, it links to MC forums
  2. 1. You can't /server somebody, use /find (player) to find their server and /server (server) to go to that server 2. What is the error message for /msg
  3. -1 The /msg feature seems like a good thing for /socialspy, but as Minehut stores their message command on the proxy, it is unable to be seen by an ingame plugin. If you want to do that, /emsg works with socialspy.
  4. Nd_


    1. This is a skript, not a plugin. 2. This plugin requires skUtilities , which is not on Minehut.
  5. Sadly, this will never become a feature due to the way Minehut is set up. IDK why this is, but there must be a reason. However, you may install plugins from the plugins tab in your panel, and if it isn't there, suggest it in this category
  6. Does it happen when you do /sk reload file?
  7. Nd_


    General is mainly about Minehut server s, not that
  8. 1. 1.14.4 2. Some people dislike 1.9+, that doesn't mean that they are a hacker.
  9. 1: I would recommend using ID based scores instead of clearing the score and writing it again, it's a bit more complicated, but it has the plus side of not making the scoreboard look like it is flickering 2: when isn't something that skript uses, it's on or nothing 3: You need variables, as putting it in %% is only for skript defined variables 4: There is no event from my knowledge to check if a variable changes, however, you can check if a variable is something, so you could use a while event. 5: you need trigger:(indent next line) for a command 6: No offence, but there are a bunch of invalid events
  10. I love how it says that the rules apply to the ValkNet services, but Minehut isn't a "ValkNet service"
  11. Did they Ban you for something you did on the discord/server/forums? Or did they break another rule(that the rules apply to the ValkNet services)
  12. Nd_

    Skript not working

    1. Server version is 1.14.4 2. It might be because of the name length, is there any errors?
  13. Minehut has a tutorial for this, but(I'm on mobile) On death: If victim is a (entity): cancel drops drop (item)
  14. This plugin isn't even on Minehut(I think). And this kinda looks like an ad.
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