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  1. Nd_


    I'm trying to do code a CPS check, but I can get a really high number by breaking a ton of blocks(holding) in creative. Is it possible to get the actual cps of a player. Thanks(btw, i'm adding 1 to a CPS counter every time a player clicks)
  2. Nd_

    expected 0 spaces

    NM, fixed it
  3. Nd_

    expected 0 spaces

    Code: else if arg-1 is "toggle": if player has permission "anticheat.toggle": if {%player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} is true: message "&aNoSkill notifications have been turned off" set {%player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} to false else: message "&aNoSkill notifications have been turned on" set {%player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} to true else: message "&cYou do not have permission to run this command" else if arg-1 is "violation": if arg-2 is "add": if arg-3 is set: if arg-4 is set: if arg-5 is set: if arg-6 is set: set {_p} to arg-3 parsed as an offline player set {_v} to arg-4 parsed as a number set {_r} to arg-5 set {_c} to arg-6 set {_ex} to arg-7 set {_p.uuid} to {_p}'s uuid if {_p}'s ping is more than 300: add {_v} / 2 to {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} else: add {_v} to {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} if {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} is more or the same as {anticheat.violations.%{_r}%.max}: set {%{_p.uuid}%.anticheat.violations.%{_r}%} to 0 if {_p} doesn't have permission "anticheat.ban.bypass": execute console command "/minecraft:ban %{_p}% &a[NoSkill]&r %{_r}%" add "&4Ban&r: %{_r}% Check: %{_c}% Ping: %{_p}'s ping% TPS: %tps% Extra: %{_ex}%" to {%{p.uuid}%.anticheat::bans} add 1 to {anticheat.bans} else: loop all players: if {%loop-player's uuid%.anticheat.notifications} is true: message "&b[NoSkill] %{_p}% was detected for %{_r}%" to loop-player add "&6Warning&r: %{_r}% Check: %{_c}% Ping: %{_p}'s ping% TPS: %tps% Extra: %{_ex}%" to {%{p.uuid}%.anticheat::warnings} else if arg-1 is "gui": anticheatgui(player) All this code is being flagged for expected 0 spaces, found (number)
  4. If the mods reply to this one more time, I will do nothing 1
  5. /lp user (user) meta permission set (perm) true Try that
  6. Nd_


  7. Nd_

    Reach Help

    When I asked what the reach is on MH, I was told 4.25 diagonal/3 horizontal. I know I'm an idiot, but does that mean your position to the player, or something else(horizontal and diagonal, not the reach). Thanks
  8. I would suggest removing the Not Paid suggestion due to some paid plugins being allowed
  9. -1 You can already join on your phone with Minechat, PickaxeChat, etc
  10. Custom Domains Minehut has a tutorial on how to do this Custom Icons +1
  11. Nd_


    Because some people like it For GenPVP, MineResetLite, any type of shop that takes items(Shopkeeper is a common one), an anticheat plugin, and a ban plugin so you can ban people.
  12. Nd_

    /back or something?

    on death: set {back.%player'a uuid%} to player's location send "&bYour location has been set for /back" command /back: permission: skript.back permission message: &cYou don't have permission! trigger: teleport player to {back.%player's uuid%} Fixed
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