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Discussion about past and future events! Join and you’ll have more involvement with event planning and feedback. This is an official Minehut club.

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  2. _RichieNy


    Join us in the Events Discord Channel for some Karaoke! Hosted By: @_RichieNy https://discord.gg/Minehut
  3. Come and join us for some Natural Disasters! Who will win?
  4. More information to come... stay tuned!!! Update: "Due to a scheduling conflict, the Staff SMP release will be delayed until Saturday, January 25th at 3PM EST."
  5. _RichieNy


    Come and join us for some fun paintball games!
  6. SkyRide! How it would work: Two teams high in the sky and both of them need to raid and destroy each other. Both teams have a shop where they can buy items such as.. blocks to rebuild and tnt, fireballs, and a ray gun to destroy as many block's. When a player feels like there ready to go to the enemy base.. they jump on a slime trampoline that pushes the player as far as posspile to the other base. After the countdown finished, the base with the less and destroyed blocks.. lose and the ones with the most blocks win!
  7. Santio71

    Karaoke Event

    Join us for some fun karaoke at the Minehut Discord, See you there!
  8. until

    Event has been cancelled, this is so you guys can spend some time with you're family and friends! Have a happy new years!
  9. Live stream Good Grief at some point this holiday season. I would recommend having a credit giveaway.
  10. until

    owo wuts DIS
  11. Mario kart with a similar operating system as the sled thing
  12. until
    Join us for a fun New Years Eve countdown and celebration!
  13. until
    Join us for a fun, never ending parkour! The person who completes the most levels will win a prize!
  14. until
    Be here each day for a fun mini-game leading up to the holidays!
  15. a Custom RPG server in 24 hours with the lore Minehut Event so yall know
  16. Okay so, I'm confused about the new skyblock event, and I'll post my suggestions and questions here: QUESTIONS: What do we do to win? It says the "top island" but is this island points? Is it baltop? I'm confused. What are the rules for the server? There is no /rules command. IDEAS / SUGGESTIONS: Can you make it so you can buy stacks of blocks at a time? It wouldn't be very hard to implement. I don't like having to spam the shop button. Add more farming items. Sweet berry bushes, kelp, etc. Either remove or add a feature to remove the shop output in chat. It gets a little spammy, especially when bulk purchasing items. OVERALL: I think you should double-check that you have everything finished, and maybe have a Trello board or something to keep track of what you've done. Have a document or something with all the essential things you need (/rules, /help, the objective) Be a bit more clear when telling us what the goal is. "Top Island" is too broad. This is not meant to be hate-directed or biased in any way. I just want to give some advice.
  17. Hey Minehut! We need suggestions for future events to put on for you all! If you have an idea that you have always wanted to see as an event on Minehut, just send an explanation of it below! If your event is chosen, we will make sure to give you credit for suggesting it.
  18. Tresre


    Join us for some fun karaoke!
  19. until
    Join us for a fun battle where teams of two will compete to create the ultimate thanksgiving feast. The team who creates the most thanksgiving food will win!
  20. Tresre

    Freeze Tag

    Join us for a fun game of freeze tag!
  21. Tresre

    Skyblock Event

    Compete in this skyblock event to compete to be the island with the most points! The island with the most points at the end will win!
  22. Tresre

    Minehut Puzzles

    Join us for a fun event with puzzles, challenging quizzes, and more!
  23. Tresre

    Minehut HQ Raid

    Join us for a raid of the Minehut HQ! In this game mode, you are raiding the Minehut HQ as if it was Area 51. Run past the guards and into the Minehut HQ where you have to rescue DeephErikson, who is being held in captivity! Escape in the helicopter to successfully raid the HQ! Pick up bonus intel along the way for bonus points! Keep in mind that this is EST time.
  24. Join us for a fun trick or treating event! Run around in a neighborhood and collect as much candy as you can before the night ends! The top 3 people with the most candy points wins! Be sure to wear your spookiest costume to the event! Keep in mind that this is EST time.
  25. Tresre

    Wool Wars Event

    Join us for a fun few rounds of wool wars! Top 3 winners will receive prizes! Keep in mind that this is EST time.

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