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  2. idk how to find my world seed is it possible you guys can help me out?
  3. I have a great event idea! where there could be a world that were all in, and then we all have to bridge up high so the lava doesnt catch us and at the end once the lava has reached not at the top abit lower, but the players will have to fight and whoever survives the fight at the end wins! Or another idea! players have only 1 block wide to survive. (abit like mrbeast's event) Thank you
  4. To clarify, the events are not flash sales or limited time perks, they're game servers that the Community Event's Team creates. If you need an idea of what this looks like, I'd recommend looking at the other two previous posts.
  5. An event you could do is for every 10 ads (vip rank or below) you get a free 25 or 30 credits. This will help servers and players.
  6. Each individual player is given their own platform. Similar to Hypixel's Simon Says, there will be an 'x' amount of rounds players are given to try and find a way to kill themselves (to put it lightly). Ranging from different things like spawning different mobs and then using those mobs to get poisoned, etc. players will have to use their intricate knowledge on how Minecraft works to solve puzzles and be the first to kill themselves. For scoring, each round will give a maximum of 100 points, with 1 point being taken away every second after the start of the round in which it takes the player to kill themselves. There will be bonus points for being the first, second, and third place winners of each round.
  7. Minehut Events Feedback Participated in one of our events? Please provide us with some of your personal feedback so we know what the community enjoys, and what we can improve on in the future. Any and all feedback is appreciated! To provide feedback, please comment on a thread that has the name of the event you wish to provide feedback on (make sure you're commenting on the right event!) You can include any information you wish as long as it is relevant to the event.
  8. Minehut Events Interested in suggesting a potential future event? Well you're in the right place! Please make a thread in this subforum with information relevant to your suggestion. We recommend you include some basic information, such as; the name of the event, basic description as well as any benefits of the event (such as the replay ability of it, easy to customise etc). Feel free to comment your opinions on any ideas that someone suggests to help us gather multiple opinions on it. Please keep your criticism constructive if you have any, thanks! We're trying to respond to all event suggestions on this subforum, so if you don't get a response to your idea, please reach out to muel#0001 on Discord.
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    • Tnt duping isnt working [pictures to show the setup aswell as a working carpet dupe in the background]

      I included the carpet dupe to show that i have already enabled piston duping




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    • In recent times, Minehut has been on a downward trend in terms of player experience. One of the main issues is the censorship on the networks hub and in player to player messages. Words such as "fake", AFK", and "1984" are blocked, which many players, including me, feel is unnecessary. It is worth noting that in order to join Minehut, players must be at least 13 years old, so the heavy-handed censorship feels out of place and unnecessary. A suggested solution to this issue would be to include a toggle for censorship, so players can choose whether or not to have it enabled.


      Another issue is the lack of community on Minehut. The network used to have a strong sense of community, but now it feels like an endless pit of advertisements and low-quality servers. This is partly due to the new "Server Template" feature, which has resulted in many servers on minehut being the same gamemode. Having pre-made server templates available can also encourages users to not make their own server, but instead, use one of minehuts own pre-made servers therefore killing any creativity that used to be put into servers.


      The user experience on Minehut has also been poor, with players being forced to go through a halfway server before joining the server they actually want to join, solely for the purpose of displaying advertisements.


      The Minehut panel, which is used to manage servers, has also been a source of frustration for players. It is difficult to navigate, glitchy, not customizable, and not something that server owners want to use. In comparison to what the panel used to be, it has fallen well short of expectations.


      In conclusion, Minehut has seen a decline in player experience in recent times, with issues such as heavy-handed censorship across the network hub and messages, lack of community, poor user experience and a subpar panel. 


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    • Pretty sure you can start servers from the lobby-

      Try doing /join gmini in the minehut lobby

    • A Minehut admin did this!? You should report them to the staff!!

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