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  1. Hi could I join the Smp earth map

  2. With the new plugin slots update, it automatically counts the plugins minehut already adds to your server, so you have less plugin slots than it says. please either remove those from the counter, or give us a little more player slots. Thanks!
  3. i lost my permanent 20 player slot server from when minehut was hacked/leaked i forgot when it was, but i got 2 permanent 20 player slot servers as an apology. now when i look at my dashboard i see my 20 player slot server, and my other server reverted to 10 player slots. help? i understand if there's nothing you can do about it / or its not important enough to give me the 20 player slots back, but i'd appreciate it if i did get them back. Thanks!
  4. i'm... uh... pretty sure you're supposed to give an actual plugin
  5. QualityArmory- Vehicles is basically an addon of QualityArmory, the guns plugin. it adds vehicles to the game which would be very cool. The plugin link is https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/qualityarmory-vehicles.59129/ Could you also update the qualityarmory plugin? Also would be good if you kept plugin versions in the description or in the names so people know what plugin version you guys have so they can suggest updates to their plugin
  6. It can be used for role play servers and also it gives the plugin telecom a purpose.
  7. Hello Future Builders I am looking for builders for my MMORPG Survival server. The server name is Aetheria If you are interested you can reply to this thread OR you can Come to my discord or Club Club: Discord: discord.gg/snz6uQx
  8. how do you get your club verified/approved

  9. I like turtles. this is my first message

    and this is my favorite font ha get rekt

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