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  1. Plugin Link : https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/quantumrpg-1-13-1-14-preparing-update.40007/ QuantumRPG - It's a very powerful plugin that will add great RPG experience to your server! Over 25+ item stats, custom damage and defense types, gems, runes, essences, powers, skills, custom items, active items, parties and more more more!
  2. this plugin allows you to record thirst on your server, making use of the water bottles in Minecraft for a more RPG feel. For those cold artic areas snowballs can be melted into water bottles, plus mechanics of water bottles has been changed to allow stacking of water for those long journeys across the deserts. Features Mechanics Thirst reduces over time requiring player to drink liquid Thirst will ignore players in creative Thirst will not go down whilst raining (wont go up either). Messages at certain thirst levels to tell players of danger Effects
  3. EnchantPlus allows you to enchant items more than one time with an enchantment table and it has various commands for admins or users to enchant every item manually with customisable level costs. Everything is customisable in the config and there are bypass permissions for all checks! Plugin Link : https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/enchantplus Features: Enchant items more than one time smoothly with the enchantment table Enchant items manually with commands Highly customisable settings for the enchanting commands and the enhanced e
  4. Enchantment solution Plugin has a Function Liven up your Minecraft worlds with 44 additional enchantments. Increase the amount of experience you gain with Exp. Share, remove all negative status effects with Magic Guard, or fly around like in creative mode with Frequent Flyer. There are plenty of unique, useful, and niche enchantments in this plugin, and trying them out is a blast!.and With a custom Enchantment Table GUI, your custom enchantment experience is in as vanilla of an environment as possible! Every single vanilla and custom enchantment shows up in the new GUI to make adding custom en
  5. GoldenCrates Plugin is Simple, but powerful crates plugin! Create crates via in-game GUI editor, manage crate options and rewards!.please add GoldenCrates Plugin • Customizable: ▸ You can modify any plugin settings. ▸ You can change any plugin messages and print them in different ways (chat, action bar, titles). • Lightweight: ▸ This plugin has small size and well optimized. ▸ Does not cause lags and memory leaks! • SQL Data storage: ▸ Provides MySQL and SQLite data storages. ▸ Auto-purging inactive users and old plugin data. • In-game GUI Editor: ▸ E
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