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  1. Vouch for @Infiniticy has done work for me in the past! Going to continue to use:)
  2. ccody

    Do you remember...

    Anyone remember when, BennyDoesStuff, Emilii, and I were the first staff ever to be accepted by application? *quick minehut flex*
  3. Convicts (6/14/19) /join Convicts Hello, everyone reading this forum post, I'm glad to present to you Convicts! Convicts is a Non-Op Prison Server that provides you with the best REAL Prison experience possible on Minehut. Unlike other Prison servers on Minehut, this server requires you to grind to the [Free] Rank to go to the wild and explore... instead of just mining one block and it replacing multiple times, like other Minehut Prison Servers. » Release Date « (6/14/19) 3PM EST » Staff Information « Convicts is looking for various Staff Members ranging from Helpers - Sr. Moderators. Convicts is also in need of future Experienced Builders & Experienced Skript Developers As I the [Owner] of Convicts runs the Staff Team, I'll be requiring detailed applications, play time, and an interview. [More Information will be presented in the Discord Server stated below] » What Convicts Has To Offer « 1. Unlike other Prison Servers, Convicts offers Payment Rewards to the richest player in the first month of server release. First Month ♦ $15 PayPal or [Polar] Donor Rank [Each month a different expectation will be required to payment rewards] 2. Secondly, Convicts offers various features Quests [Not on Release], Cells [Not on Release], Chat Tags, Custom Builds, Custom Enchants [Not on Release] [The reason why these features won't be released on the server's opening is because we would love to push this server as quick as possible and want to make these features as special as possible] » Donations « Donations are completely optional and help Convicts greatly. All donations will not be through Buycraft as we are having some issues with PayPal connections and will be through a paypal.me link! Payment Methods Accepted ♥ Crypto Currency / PayPal Ranks: [Bandit] $15 [Polar] $25 [Godfather] $50 [All the money contributes to the server's player slots and payments towards builders / skript developers] » Connections / Credit « Credit: @ccody [development/builds of whole server] @combust [testing] Connections: Discord ♦ discord.gg/c9Ft6de Server IP Address ♦ convicts.minehut.gg Minehut Connection ♦ /join Convicts
  4. this doesn't work for me, any addons I need installed?
  5. ccody


    it said 1.12+ so assumed it worked for other versions, still might work with ProtocolSupport.
  6. ccody


    good to see you around
  7. ccody


    https://forums.skunity.com/resources/sharpsk-1-8-1-12.72/ Basically asking because I need for one of the plugins someone coded me, thanks.
  8. i remember when you got relevant cause you donated tons of money and your mom forced you to chargeback you big man @Faacto
  9. Hello, my name is Cody also known as ccody in-game. I'm an Ex-Staff Member of Minehut back in 2016-2017 referred to as Tradings / Driften / Offered I'm coming back to Minehut and going to be releasing a unique prison server on (6/14/19) it's good to see all my old friends still chilling around on this server!
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