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  1. poggers. also i think ur missing the dev/leader rank
  2. WallyTube

    Skbee 1.8.2

    https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skbee-skript-addon.75839/ I need this update to make structure blocks work again on my server. "I need this or I will shit myself"
  3. I'll just go ahead an say that I've seen multiple instances of immaturity after your time of being a trainee and the server closing. There is also that instance of perm abusing on Tastq's Academy server. Even though these don't represent your time being on Plex or being a staff member on Plex, they still represent your actions. I know you have good intentions however, despite these choices, and think if you try hard to suppress the impulse to these bad decisions, you'll go far amigos.
  4. This is probably one of the few ways to get non flicker, and non laggy scoreboards for skript-based servers! Side Note: I've talked with people on the skunity discord, and they said the 1.15 version should work fine with 1.16.2 https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skore-the-scoreboard-addon.617/
  5. I'm bumping this because It got literally no attention, ily goose
  6. uhh.... did the author of the thread just reply to themselves? also, I would recommend requesting a plugin, like animatronics. This generally has more features and can do the same thing. Side note: if you are trying to rip off hypixel skyblock, dont
  7. don't use placeholder api. there really isn't anything on there that you can't already do with skript
  8. obnoxious title don't ya think? also, you could probably get faster help on the #support channel in minehut's discord
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