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  1. Username: Swayl Server: Warzone and LavaS, both servers really provides challenge, thrill and fun.
  2. This means we'd have to use up our credits even if the server is in development if we need 12+ plugins or more. Kinda sucks ngl.
  3. If you want to see the previous reports, use this report system
  4. command /killtop [<text>]: aliases:kt trigger: set {_top} to 5 send "" send " &b&lKill top &3(Top 5 Killers)" send "" set {_top::*} to sorted {kills::*} from highest to lowest with format "@index" # Assuming {kills::%uuid of player%} is your kills variable loop {_top::*}: add 1 to {_n} set {_p} to "%loop-value%" parsed as offline player set {_player} to {_p}'s uuid send " &3(##%{_n}%) &b%{_p}% &3(%{kills::%{_player}%}% kills)" if {_n} is {_top}: stop loop send ""
  5. Swayl

    The Nerd Test

    How cool is dragonet? defo 10. How much of a nerd would I consider Criticyl? 3
  6. Betterer Flexer A script that allows you to show any of your items on chat. By only typing "[item]". Flex your best sword or set. It's a really useful script and definitely not mine. SCRIPT (25 lines) on chat: if message contains "[item]": {chat} is not set player is not holding air cancel event set {_name} to name of tool ? type of tool set {_lore} to lore of tool replace all "||" with nl in {_lore} if {_lore} is "": set {_lore} to "&7No Lore" set {_enchantments::*} to enchantments of tool loop {_enchantments::*}: add 1 to {_n} set {_e::%{_n}%} to "%loop-value% %level of loop-value on tool%%nl%" set {_e2} to "%{_e::*}%" replace all ", " and " and " with "" in {_e2} if "%{_e2}%" is "<none>": set {_e2} to "No Enchantments" set {_tooltip} to "&e%amount of tool in player's inventory%x) &8| &7%{_name} ? type of tool%&r &8| &e(%type of tool%)%nl%&7%{_e2} ? ""No Enchantments""%%nl%&7%{_lore} ? ""No Lore""%" set {_weapon} to formatted "<tooltip:%{_tooltip}%>&a&l[ &f%amount of tool in player's inventory%x %name of tool ? type of tool% &a&l]&r" set chat format to "" replace all "[item]" in message with "%{_weapon}%" send formatted "&f%player%: &7%message%" to all players
  7. Hello! I'm Swayl! I'm a big boy whale. I have clout, I got bars I got chains. I skript alot, I actually have a year of experience, I'm currently trying to learn how to build, and once I do, I'll be a skripter and builder in one package! I'll be able to make better maps/spawn for my server, and if you don't know, I make servers! I make lots of them, and maybe because of them, I made a few MH staff friends, currently I have 11 MH staff on my friends list, and im cool, not bragging, just cool. I only got one featured server, TuberS if you don't know, it's not that neat, it's just tuber simulator on MINECRAFT. I've been playing minehut since mid 2018, I guess I'm pretty new here. Although I already know lots of skript, I still want to learn, same with building, I want to keep on practicing till I'm good. Speaking of servers, I have my own discord, my own family, my own kingdom, It's dedicated to my server, everytime I have a server, I post it there, until it dies, I call it.... Oceanic Kingdom. It's really cool, I got some MH staff on there. Well, that's my introduction. TL;DR - I'm a whale who has alot of clout, have a year of skript experience, still learning on building skills and have a kingdom. • Love Swayl (the best whale) •
  8. set {_block} to block above loop-block
  9. Swayl


    React to this post and possibly all my posts, do it for me. Any reaction will do. I'm doing something.
  10. Adding that to my list too for Better Reports v3!
  11. I'll keep that on the list! and Thank you!
  12. If you got any suggestions, tell me
  13. I made a better version of this. Here's the link!
  14. BETTER REPORTS (v2) So I got bored, so I make a better version of my other report system. It's pretty cool. Here's some of its features: 1.) FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE EVERYTHING! 2.) GUI that logs all the reports, very nice. (picture 1) 3.) Ability to clear all the reports at once! (picture 2) 4.) When you right click a head, it gives 2 more features, Inform & Remove Inform: Informs the reporter that the staff is taking a look/investigating (picture 3) Remove: Removes the report. (picture 4) 5.) Unlimited pages! very epic. 6.) Command cooldown for the annoying report spammers ( I have anxiety so atleast give me credits for using this system ;-; ) ENJOY!! PICTURES SCRIPT (82 lines) options: mColor: &e # Main Color sColor: &7 # Secondary Color staff: rank.staff # Staff permission no-perm: &cYou do not have permission. # Message given to those who have no permission gui-name: &8Reports # Name of the reports gui (/reports) cmd-cooldown: 30 seconds # Command cooldown cd-msg: &7Please wait &c%remaining time% # Command cooldown message prefix: &e[Server] # Prefix for the command command /report [<offline player>] [<text>]: cooldown: {@cmd-cooldown} cooldown message: {@cd-msg} trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "&cUsage: /report <player> <reason>" else: if arg-2 is not set: send "&cUsage: /report <player> <reason>" else: add arg-1 to {reports::list::*} set {reports::reason::%arg-1%} to arg-2 set {reports::reporter::%arg-1%} to player send "{@prefix} {@sColor}You have reported {@mColor}%arg-1%&7. Please wait for response." send "{@prefix} {@mColor}%player% {@sColor}has reported {@mColor}%arg-1%&7. Please check {@mColor}/reports{@sColor}." to all players where [input has permission "{@staff}"] command /reports [<text>]: permission: {@staff} permission message: {@no-perm} trigger: send "{@prefix} {@sColor}Listing the reports...." wait a tick page(player, 0) function page(p: player, page: number): set {_u} to uuid of {_p} set {_pageStart} to 45*{_page} set {_i} to 1 set {_a} to 0 open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "{@gui-name} &7&o(Page %{_page}+1%&7&o)" to {_p} wait 2 ticks loop {reports::list::*}: (loop-index parsed as integer) > {_pageStart} set {_x} to loop-value format gui slot {_a} of {_p} with skull of ("%{_x}%" parsed as offline player) named "{@mColor}%{_x}%" with lore "{@sColor}Reporter: {@mColor}%{reports::reporter::%{_x}%}%", "{@sColor}Reason: {@mColor}%{reports::reason::%{_x}%}%" and "&7&oClick this for more!" to run: wait a tick feature({_p}, {_x}) add 1 to {_a} if {_a} = ((45*{_i})): exit loop format gui slot 49 of {_p} with book named "{@mColor} Clear reports" to run: loop {reports::list::*}: delete {reports::reason::%loop-value%} delete {reports::reporter::%loop-value%} wait a tick clear {reports::list::*} page({_p}, 0) if (amount of {reports::list::*}) > {_pageStart} + 45: format gui slot 53 of {_p} with arrow named "{@mColor} Next Page" to run: set {_page} to {_page} + 1 page({_p}, {_page}) if {_page} > 0: format gui slot 45 of {_p} with arrow named "{@mColor}Previous Page" to run: set {_page} to {_page} - 1 page({_p}, {_page}) function feature(p: player, report: offline player): wait a tick set {_e} to {_report} open virtual chest inventory with size 1 named "&8%{_e}%" to {_p} format gui slot 3 of {_p} with paper named "&aInform" with lore "&7Inform the reporter." to run: set {_player} to {reports::reporter::%{_e}%} parsed as offline player send "{@prefix} {@mColor}%{_p}% {@sColor}has seen your report and will investige. Please be patient." to {_p} format gui slot 5 of {_p} with barrier named "&cRemove" with lore "&7Remove the report." to run: remove {_report} from {reports::list::*} delete {reports::reporter::%{_report}%} delete {reports::reason::%{_report}%} page({_p}, 0) format gui slot 0 of {_p} with arrow named "&cGo back" to run: page({_p}, 0)
  15. Good skript but I like 2 lines every 30 seconds: add 1 of (random item out of all items) to inventory of all players
  16. I know I'm late for this but, epic!
  17. RULES A better rules system? Uh I don't know, I have anxiety, I just made this quick rules system for the community. Please don't hate me There's a typhoon that's about to hit my country and I might die. Nonetheless, enjoy the quick rules system I made. SCRIPT (40 lines) options: mColor: &e # Main Color sColor: &7 # Secondary Color admin: staff.admin # Admin permission for command server: Server # Server name command /rules [<text>] [<text>]: aliases:rule trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%" loop {rules::*}: send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%" send "" else: if arg-1 is "add" or "remove": if player does not have permission "{@admin}": send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%" loop {rules::*}: send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%" send "" else: if arg-1 is "add": add arg-2 to {rules::*} send "{@sColor}Successfully added {@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} to the list of rules." else: if {rules::*} does not contain arg-2: send "{@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} cannot be found on the list of rules." else: remove arg-2 from {rules::*} send "{@sColor}Successfully removed {@mColor}%arg-2%{@sColor} from the list of rules." else: send "%nl%{@mColor}{@server}{@sColor}'s rules%nl%" loop {rules::*}: send "{@sColor}##%loop-index%. {@mColor}%loop-value%" send ""
  18. XP Progress System This system is mostly good for RPG servers that has levels and xp. This will be helpful for players to keep track of their progress when it comes to level, xp and how much they need more to level up to the next rank. SCRIPT (7 lines) # # | Variables | # {_p} - the player # {_u} - uuid of {_p} # {xp::%{_u}%} - Current xp of player # {xp::needed::%{_u}%} - XP needed to level up. # {level::%{_u}%} - Current level of player # function xp(): loop all players: set {_p} to loop-player set {_u} to uuid of {_p} set {_n} to {xp::%{_u}%}/{xp::needed::%{_u}%} set level progress of {_p} to {_n} set level of {_p} to {level::%{_u}%} # # Can be used like this # every 5 seconds: # xp() #
  19. Sorry for late response but... Yes you can! You can just change {balance::%uuid of player%} to player's balance etc.
  20. Swayl


    It aint Skripter now, It's scriptwriter from now on.
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