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  1. Hello I think this plugin would be awesome for shops and managing players inventory, it's very advanced. For example you can remove 200 diamonds from a players inventory that has the name "test". It support 1.14. Here is the link and you can check all of it's features: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/itemmanager.70136/ @BennyDoesStuff Please I really need it
  2. Hi, I'd like to know what kind of servers the Minehut Community would like to see. Comment something that is possible to make with the plugins we have, something original or something we didn't see much and how it should work?
  3. So DeluxeMenus isn't working properly (when you click an item in a menu it drops it on the ground and players can also take stuff from the menus) and the developer said he fixed the glitch in the latest DM version. So could you please update it. Thanks.
  4. GoDead

    Can't join?

    Please post this in Community Support next time. This usually happens when the server takes to much time to send data, so minecraft timesout. This is usually because of your internet or because minehut is slow. Try again later or try restarting your minecraft or even router idk.
  5. A quarry like in buildcraft or a hole energy system with solar panels, batteries,...
  6. GoDead

    Free Skripting!

    I needed a quarry like in buildcraft so good luck I guess because I couldn’t do it (or didn’t really try yet)
  7. GoDead


    Oh that’s why it wasn’t working for me. +1
  8. GoDead

    Help joining world

    Did you restart? Did you use a direct file upload link? Did you do /worlds to get a list of existing worlds? Also the name should be: ul_[WorldName]
  9. GoDead

    Mods or Plugins?

    I also prefer spigot development because it’s easier and the documentation is much better, and also with Forge you are working more directly with Mojang code instead of a good API (I think). But if I could choose between perfecting one or the other, I’d probably choose Forge.
  10. GoDead

    Mods or Plugins?

    I respect your opinion but why, plugins are only server sided and with mods you can work with the client and the server. Also you can do anything with mods, with servers you don’t have as many options. The 1 good thing about plugin development is that it’s easier for the player and it runs better.
  11. I don’t know why but it would be cool if you could invite people to your club in game. And then club announcements are also displayed in game etc... Basically make it so that you can have a club online and in game.
  12. Can’t you just toggle messages? At least for now until they do something about it because yes it’s pretty annoying.
  13. GoDead

    Do you remember...

    I first joined when it was a tropical/desert island lobby
  14. Just vote I’m curious.
  15. +1 this looks like a very good plugin and easy to use!
  16. You could use TAB REBORN, also why use Group Manager when you have Luck perms? It’s outdated and not as versatile as Luck Perms.
  17. Yes I totally agree FAWE has much better performance and it has a lot of more helpful commands!
  18. Pet snake because they look cool. Ninjas or Pirates?
  19. This is very useless and probably very inconvenient for small servers but it kinda looks cool and professional (i guess). So here are the commands: - /banwave add [players name] - This will add a player to the banwave - /banwave remove [players name] - This will remove a player from the banwave - /banwave start Permissions: admin.banwave Features: Bans every 5 minutes all players in the banwave. I will also be updating this and try making it more complex and make it easier to use (GUI). So check back regularly! https://paste.md-5.net/mebobilaho.cpp
  20. Netflix Whats worse? Dishes or Laundry
  21. GoDead


    It's not really a plugin suggestion but you guys have this amazing plugin called WorldSystem and it has this amazing feature where we can upload our own world template. BUuuut minehut wont let us upload a file in the required file location, so could you please fix this. Thanks
  22. I like 1.8 pvp. 1.9 is so bad and doesn't really require skill.
  23. GoDead


    Ok thanks, Ill try finding a good No Cheat Plus config that has autoban!
  24. Air block. 1. You can breath underwater with it. 2. You will never run out of air. 3. You don’t have to mine it it’s always there for you. 4. In my opinion it’s the best looking block in the game. 5. We all use it in our builds don’t we?
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