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  1. You can also use a function to just do the border. Here's something I made for a navigator. You just throw in the player and amount of rows and the function will take care of it for you. Here's an example:
  2. Okay, now this one I've never seen happen. Congrats, you witnessed a rare occurrence.
  3. And? He's everywhere in the lobby, I've probably seen him about ten-twenty times. Sure, seeing a YT rank on MH is a pretty cool thing the first time around, but it's way too easy to locate someone to make it a novelty.
  4. Edb

    VIP Giveaway

    IGN: sl_me Discord Tag: Edb#2894 Reason: I don't have enough credits for VIP, so it's nice to see that I have some chance. Tanq.
  5. Edb


    From Tresre's Signiture:

    How are you able to read this small

    20/20 vision.

  6. Edb


    How are you able to read this small?

    I'll tell you my secret:
    20/20 vision.

  7. mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes mhm yes
  8. You are absolutely correct, but the first message was ment to be sent to command-sender, confirming that the gamemode of arg-1 has been set to the gamemode they specified in the command. The second send was for arg-1, as it was to say to the player specified, "Hey, your gamemode was switched!" I will open VSC, edit this, then fix the online version. Thanks for pointing this out, @TacticalModz!
  9. Edb


    -1 Doesn't support 1.14.4.
  10. Edb

    Plugin Request

    +1 This plugin looks interesting, and supports 1.14! However, it is a paid plugin, so the chances of the author allowing SL to use it for free servers is lowered.
  11. -1 What are the chances that someone will show up on the Minehut servers with a Vive on, playing in VR? Nada.
  12. Edb

    WatchDog please?

    -1 This is a plugin to not be released, but I've heard that it's based off of NoCheatPlus, so that's your best bet for watchdog.
  13. Gamemode Switcher This skript ain't your average command executer. Source Code To get a hold of the skript's code, download it (gamemode-switcher.sk), or copy the code below. Feel free to fork if you'd like! Forking does not mean you're allowed to steal the file and claim it as your own. Make sure to at least keep the "End of file" footnote. Download Instant Download: --> gamemode-switcher.sk <-- Mediafire Download: --> Click here! <-- Spigot Page: Coming Soon! gamemode-switcher.sk
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