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  2. PlexPvP Staff Process Hey! Thank you for choosing to apply for staff on PlexPvP! Even after reading over this guide and you find this isn’t the right server for you, we thank you for at least expressing interest in the server. This thread will cover the staff process in its entirety leading up to acceptance, giving advice for each stage. Stage 1 - Application Stage This is the first stage of becoming a staff member. You start by using the application format found here. Using the format, create a new topic under applications and paste in your application with each question answered appropriately. Please be sure you are answering each question truthfully and to the best of your ability. This application will help us get an understanding of your ability so we can determine whether you’re informed enough to make it onto the next stage of the process and what we would have to work on if you get to the trainee stage. The following are some things we look for in an application and some things you may want to focus on when writing your application: Detail - One of the main things we look for is detail. If your application does not have a lot of detail, it shows you did not put much effort into your application and that you don’t display a huge amount of passion for wanting to help the server. If you can’t take the time to put in effort in your application then how do we know you’ll put effort into becoming a staff member? Experience - While not a key defining factor on whether you’ll be a staff member, an essential thing for a staff member to have is previous experience. You learn a lot of things as a staff member like how to handle different situations that may arise on the server, so the more experience you have, the more we can see that you have the potential to be a good staff member for our needs. Requirements - Our requirements were set there for a reason. We believe the requirements we set are the best in order to make sure our staff members will be as mature and professional as possible. We want to make sure you meet these requirements to ensure you’re the best fit for the team as possible. These requirements can also be found in the application format. Honesty - While we don’t do major background checks, please make sure you’re as honest as possible in your application. If we get suspicious of a certain detail you put into your application and we find out you lied about this may result in your application being denied. If we find out about it while you're on the staff team then you may receive a staff warning or a demotion based on how major it is. If you cannot even be truthful in your application then we can’t trust you to be truthful with the rest of the staff team. These are just some of the things we look for when we go through applications and they are only a minority of what we look at. We also look at your punishment history, playtime, behaviour in game and on the discord and a lot more. If after this stage you are accepted, you’ll be invited to proceed to the next stage. Stage 2 - Interview Stage If your application was accepted, you have made it to this stage. Upon entering this stage, you will receive an invite to our training discord from the staff manager once you reach out to them. Once you have joined this discord server, you will have to schedule an interview with a member of the Management Team. In this process you will have the option to specify what type of interview you wish to have. You will be asked whether you wish to have a casual, more laid back interview or a more serious one as well as potentially whether we can do anything to make sure you are calm for the interview. The interview is the second to last stage that may define whether you’re fit to be a staff member or not. Here, we will ask you questions that relate to how you perform as a staff member as well as some scenario questions that will reflect the experience you’ve gained while watching the staff on PlexPvP do their jobs and any previous experience you may have gained as a staff member on previous servers. It will tell us what we may have to train you on if you’re accepted or if we feel like you aren’t fit for the job based on how you answered some questions in the interview. Let yourself answer the questions and don’t stress too much over them. We completely understand if you’re stressed but don’t let it influence how you answer these questions completely. As long as you answer as best as you possibly can, you will probably be just fine. If you pass the interview then... Stage 3 - Observation Stage After the first interview and maybe before then, we will start to monitor your helpfulness to the community. The things we will mainly focus on are how passionate you are about PlexPvP by viewing how much time you spend in game, watching any potential punishments you will receive and how many questions you are willing to answer to help other players in need. We strongly believe you don’t require a shiny prefix to help other people so we shall see how you perform here. We will see how well you stand out from other players in answering questions and attempting to help not only the community but also the staff team by filing reports, making suggestions and just generally helping us do our jobs. This stage may benefit you greatly if you think you might be nervous in answering questions in an interview and uncomfortable. If you are able to stand out and make a bigger difference practically, this is a sign you will be a great fit for our team. Stage 4 - Acceptance Congratulations! You have now joined the staff team as a trainee and are now an official staff member! You have proven to the senior team that you have the potential to become a permanent member of the team so you have now become an official staff member. From here, you will be given some staff documents to read through to help guide you in being staff on PlexPvP and give some information on the roles. You will also be assigned a mentor from the Senior Team that will help you with any questions or dilemmas you will run into as a staff member on PlexPvP. Along with this, you will also be given a briefing from a member of the Senior Team who will usually be the same person that interviewed you. After the briefing, you shall be given your rank in game and on the discord server. The Trainee stage will last for about a week if the server is still online for the season but may be extended if we feel it is necessary. From there, the senior team will watch how you perform and give any feedback they feel they need to. However, you still need to prove yourself here that you can be a good staff member. You are still able to be kicked from the team if we feel like we need to. Congratulations if you get accepted! And to you, the reader, we wish you all the best if you decide to apply for staff and good luck on each of the stages! -PlexPvP Management Team
  3. Discord Ban Appeal If you have been banned from our discord server, you can appeal using the format listed below. Any other discord punishments should be appealed via discord tickets. Community disruption blacklists will be dealt with by the administration team via DMs. To appeal a discord ban, copy and paste the pre-written format below and answer all questions honestly. A member of support will respond to your appeal as soon as they can, usually within a few hours up to 2 days. Asking a moderator to review your appeal may result in an instant denial, please be patient. Appeal Format What is your discord name & tag (e.g. ceph#4422): When were you punished (this can be found in the DM you would have received by our discord bot): Why were you punished (this can be found in the DM you would have received by our discord bot): Do you think this punishment is justified: Why should we revoke your punishment: Anything else that you think we should take into consideration: Note: By submitting a discord appeal, you agree that the support member's choice is final and you must wait at least 1 week after the denial of your initial appeal to appeal again.
  4. General & Content Changes: + There is now a 30% Off Christmas Sale (All store messages have been updated to include this) + Added the command "/bin" back as it was listed as a VIP perk on the store. + Added a teleport pad in spawn that takes people to the combat zone - The combat zone wasn't being used very often and we're hoping this will increase how many people use it. Balance Changes: + Slightly decreased chance of getting VIP rank from plexwell. + Changed how the level blocks work on armour types. - Instead of being separated in to armour types (leather, iron, etc...), levels will just slowly increase each tier. BEFORE | AFTER Armour IX LVL 10 | LVL 10 Armour X LVL 10 | LVL 10 Armour XI LVL 10 | LVL 15 Armour XII LVL 10 | LVL 15 Armour XIII LVL 25 | LVL 20 Armour XIV LVL 25 | LVL 25 Armour XV LVL 25 | LVL 30 Armour XVI LVL 25 | LVL 35 Armour XVII LVL 50 | LVL 40 Armour XVIII LVL 50 | LVL 45 Armour XIX LVL 50 | LVL 50 Armour XX LVL 50 | LVL 60 Bug Fixes: + Bounties are working again, I know it's about time. + Streaks are also now working again. PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.21) - 12/12/2020 - Development Team
  5. poggers. also i think ur missing the dev/leader rank
  6. General & Content Changes: + NEW Knight NPC's that guard the obsidian mines (currently in beta and can under go through some nerfs or buffs) + Crafting table temporarily disabled, we released a small version of it but it had a few bugs so we've had to disable it for now. + NEW Obsidian King quest has been added (located in the Icey biome) with another 5 unique trades. - Trade 1 obsidian for 8 diamonds. - Trade 2 obsidian for 8 poisonous arrows. - Trade 2 obsidian for 1 rotten egg. - Trade 24 obsidian for a knockback bamboo stick. - Trade 64 obsidian for a potion of strength. Balance Changes: + Increased chance to win VIP rank out of the plex well. Bug Fixes: + Fixed a bug where winning VIP rank from the plex well wouldn't work and would give you "<none>" PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.20) - 09/12/2020 - Development Team
  7. General & Content Changes: + Ability Crafter has been released with a currently limited use. - The ability to craft needed items/abilities has been added but abilities can't be added to weapons or used yet. - We will keep rolling out features to the ability crafter as time goes on. + Items that have expired or cancelled in the auction house now have a 1 day collection time instead of 10 days. + You can now win VIP rank from the plex well (seasonal) Balance Changes: + Freezing Snowball price decreased from 64 coal to 16 coal each. PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.19) - 06/12/2020 - Development Team
  8. General & Content Changes: + Iron Master Quest NPC (Includes 5 more trades). - Trident of Loyalty 3 - Iron Sword of sharpness 1 and speedy 1 - Chorus Fruit - Bow of Infinity 1 - Gold Ingots + Messages that contain a high % of upper case letters will now be forced into lowercase. + Added /cavern as an alias to /caverns. Balance Changes: + Jump boost potion changed from jump boost 1 to jump boost 2. Bug Fixes: + Possibly fixed a bug that was resulting in down grading weapons. (still being tested). + Frozen players can now use the /discord command while frozen. + Fixed a bug where the material merchant would show incorrect sell prices. PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.18) - 22/11/2020 - Development Team
  9. General & Content Changes: + Anticheat added (many optimisations being made as we go on in time). + You can now cancel coinflips in /cf. + Added scrap metal to the boss drops (will be used in the ability crafter when it's released). + NEW Clan revamps, with clan chat, logs, etc... (Perks coming soon) Balance Changes: + Made a change to clans where a clan above level 15 now gains +2500 xp requirement per level Bug Fixes: + Fixed a bug where the combat log would display to be expired when it actually wasn't. + Fixed a bug that resulted in players not getting kill stats when knocking players into the void. + Fixed a bug that was giving players two sets of starter items when joining for the first time. + Fixed a bug where players could not do /discord when frozen. PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.17) - 21/11/2020 - Development Team
  10. General & Content Changes: + "/stats" and "/cf stats" message format changed to be more consistent with the server. + Fixed some messed up message formatting in clans. + Added the players level and xp requirement bar to /stats. + Added command "/clan stats" to accompany "/cf stats" and "/stats" + NEW wizard quest with 5 potions to purchase/unlock. + Added command /updates or /patchnotes + Coinflips only broadcast in chat above $1000 now. + Added a page system to the clan help page. + Added command "/clan list" to view all clans. + Everyone now has access to the command "/pay" + https://plexpvp.tk database is back online. + Added combat zone that will make the player receive $50 per kill if they are within the zone. Balance Changes: + Clans above level 15 will now increase the xp required by 2500 each level (1 to 15 will remain at +1000). Bug Fixes: + The medic now displays the correct price and quantity to purchase golden apples. PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.16) - 16/11/2020 - Development Team
  11. General & Content Changes: + NEW "/cf stats <name>" command added to view coinflip stats. + NEW "/stats <name>" command added to view casual stats (such as kills, deaths, etc...) + There is now a small chance to get a Plex Well from fishing. Balance Changes: + Decreased the size of some iron veins within the coal caverns. + Increased the amount of iron in mine-3 (The right hand spawn mine) + Increased the amount of gold in mine-5 and mine-6 (The two main gold mines) + Amount of money per kill has been increased back to $10 (previously $5) + Slightly decreased the amount of XP you receive from fishing. Bug Fixes: + When you fall into the void (IN COMBAT) you will now lose your bounty. PlexPVP Development Team (15/11/2020) - (PATCH V1.15)
  12. General & Content Changes: + NEW MAP - This is a map that we've previously had but we've reskinned it for this season. + Few new small commands like /pay and /balance + Coinflips there is an NPC located at spawn or you can access it through /cf + Ice Man Quest NPC (Includes 5 unique Icey trades) + Gold Hunter Quest NPC (Includes 5 more unique trades) + Brand new Ravager boss! Balance Changes: + Increased cost on most armour prices (slightly) + Level barriers added to armour Must be level 5 to purchase chain armour Must be level 10 to purchase iron armour Must be level 25 to purchase diamond armour Must be level 50 to purchase netherite armour + Pickaxe formula has been updated to slow down the rate of progression with pickaxes. + XP Gained from each ore has been decreased to slow down the rate of progression with pickaxes. + Golden Apple and other consumable prices slightly increased. + The amount of sword XP gained per hit has been decreased back to 2 from 3. + You now get 15 sword xp when killing someone. + The highest protection level on any armour set is now 3 to ensure fights don't end up lasting a year! PlexPVP Development Team (14/11/2020) - (PATCH V1.14)
  13. General Updates: The Jukebox has been released, this is an extremely big feature and is currently in beta. Create your own songs, vote on community songs, play your songs to the community. Check discord for full information related to the Jukebox Obsidian Master (New Deals): Destructive Crossbow - Costs 500 Obsidian for a cross bow with Piercing 4 and Multishot Slowness Arrows - Costs 1 Obsidian for an obsidian arrow (slowness tipped arrow) Obsidian Chestplate - Costs 320 Obsidian for a Netherite Chestplate with Protection I and Thorns I Flame Stick - Costs 500 Obsidian for a stick with fire aspect I Gold Trade - You can turn 1 Obsidian into 4 Gold Ingots Balance Changes: The Headless Horseman Boss now has a netherite axe instead of diamond axe. (Does more damage) The Witch's arrow price has been changed to 8 iron ingots for 8 arrows (previously 8 cobblestone for 16 arrows) PlexPVP Patch Notes (v1.04) - 01/10/2020 - Development Team
  14. It isn't, it's been nerfed from sharp 20 to sharp 15. It still wasn't better before the nerf anyways.
  15. its .75 stronger than the lvl 50 sword
  16. it shouldnt be stronger than the max sword lvl
  17. how about u make it so u nerf the scythe its sharp 20 and its more op than the wither sword instead of you know new bounty system to make it harder to streak
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    • HI im Zack i am a nice dev and very calm and chill i dont ban or kick without a good reason my own server (which need players and staff look at my other posts) Its called Godcraft234 im hoping i can get enough credits to make it online 24/7 but anyway im good at commands i know a little abt building but i am a chill person i am a fast truster so if u r very nice or cool at anything i trust u i might even make u co owner u never know lol. And my server is still in development so if u have any suggestions pls feel free to tell me when im online which is on school days 4:00pm to 7:30pm and on weekends i always check on my server to make sure theres no abusing staff but as i said im looking for staff and co owner and a builder and a mod and admin and if we have to much mods i will give u jr mod and thats all bye hope u join have a nice day u all

    • looking for staff and players for my new server its still in development tho so i need builders and staff and admins mods and maybe a co owner if u r interested email me at ZackAttack189@hotmail.com  or i will be on my server during weekends maybe most days and going to be on school days to check on it at 4:00pm thro 7:30pm the server is called Godcraft234 pls join and if im on when u join i will let u have ur own nametag or nick so pls join and if u like it make a ad pls. whoever makes the most ads will get co-owner and a top player rank and the 2nd one will get admin with the rank Best player so pls join tysm.

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    • I try to download projectkorra and it takes me to spigit and keeps asking to verify that I'm human. Over and over again never ending


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