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  1. Very good server 10/10 Trent would agree
  2. Hey! Thank you for applying for staff on Gravestone. Sadly, I will be denying your application because you lied about your Minehut Punishments and You don't have a mic. People don't seem to realize that our Admin team consists of 2 Minehut Staff Members and they can check your punishments. You may reapply in 2 weeks. Denied
  3. pls apply thanks
  4. Hey. Your application showed a good amount of detail and you definitely have the amount of experience needed. Im going to accept you. DM me on discord and we can talk about a few things. ACCEPTED
  5. Applications Thank you for applying for a staff position on Gravestone! Please be sure that you meet the following requirements before applying. Requirements The requirements should be met however, we will make exceptions 1. At least 13 years of age 2. Must have an understandable microphone 3. Willing to have a commitment to Gravestone 4. No major punishments within the last 30 days 5. A strong level of maturity and professionalism Format You are required to follow this format. Anyone who doesn't will be denied Introduction Questions What is your Minecraft username? How old are you? What is your discord name? What is your timezone? General Questions What made you want to apply for staff on Gravestone? Why should we accept you instead of someone else? What past experience do you have with Moderating? Have you been punished on Minehut, Gravestone or any other server? If so, why were you punished and how have you learned from it? What are some of your strengths and weaknesses? What are your hobbies outside of Minecraft? Scenarios A large amount of new players join and they all start spamming. What do you do? Somebody is being extremely toxic and starts using racial slurs. What do you do? You think someone may be cheating but you aren't 100% sure. What do you do? Multiple people are hackusating someone but they don't look like they're using any hacks. What do you do? A staff member is on and you can tell they are cheating. What do you do? A staff member starts abusing. What do you do?
  6. Username: Pndq What punishment did you receive: Ban Was the punishment fair: yes it was fair Why should you be unpunished: I should be unpunished because I've learned my lesson. What I mean by this is that I understand WHY I was banned and I understand why I shouldn't be cheating and that it isnt allowed. I deleted all of my reach mods and autoclickers once I heard that draem reported me. I think that just because I deleted my hacks it doesn't justify my history of me cheating and appealing just to cheat again but I think I should be given another chance. What were the events that led to your punishment: I was getting back into Minecraft and decided to join my favorite server back in the day. I also happened to have a ghost client. I decided to use the ghost client to once again get attention and I was eventually banned once draem reported me. Additional comments: Consider my suggestion its really good #suggestions
  7. What is your minecraft username? Pndq What is your discord tag? (e.g Criticyl#0869) Pndq#2240 How old are you? 13 What is your timezone? EST Why did you choose to apply for a staff position on Ruin and not elsewhere? I chose to apply for a position on Rooin and not on some random GenPvP server because I know that Rooin will become a good server. I want to help out on the server and help new players. You guys are going for a really customized RPG experience and it will get confusing for some players so I want to help them so everyone can enjoy the experience. Also, Stargazers and Criticyl are developing it and they are like, smart. What makes you stand out over other applicants? Im different from other applicants for a number of reasons. First, I'm friends with Criticyl, Stargazers and pretty much everyone on the staff team. This would help because I already have a good relationship with everyone and I would work well with them. Also, I think im more mature than other applicants and I know how to act. If you have a really good server with immature and inexperienced staff members it can make players not want to play. I can be mature and professional when helping people and it can encourage them to be a part of the community and play the server. Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? If so, explain where you were staff what your role was as a staff member. I do have experience as a staff member. I was staff on Stargazers' server Course, I was staff on 3asel's server RFarms, Im an admin on Skyhaze, and I am staff on xMuel's server burgle. As staff on these servers I learned how to be mature, I learned how to be professional when it is called for and I learned how to act in different situations. Most of my roles were about moderation and I learned how to be an efficient and good moderator by being staff on those servers. How many hours on a day to day basis can you commit to Ruin? I can be on Rooin for atleast 2 hours a day on weekdays. I started school recently and I wont be able to be as active on school days. On the weekends I would be able to play for around 5-6 hours a day depending on if im busy or not. Have you had any punishments on Ruin or any other server? If so, why? I have not been punished on Ruin but I got banned on Hypixel for like 3 times for cheating. Somebody asks how to play. What do you tell them? You can't play right now its not released. Somebody asks for levels, what do you tell them? You can't get levels right now its not released. Somebody spams racial slurs. What do you do. I would mute them permanently because racial slurs is a nono. Somebody blatantly cheats, what do you do? I would ban them permanently or for 30days depending on what guidelines tell me to do. (I would probably go with 30 days)
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