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  1. Hello! Sorry for the late response. After you posted your reply, I set myself to the task of compiling several different clips of footage so that a more comprehensive and complete analysis could take place. The final video was posted on the staff Discord and was reviewed by several members of the staff team. With that said, we reached several conclusions that I will explain shortly. Video here 1. Lag While your claim of lagging is correct, it does not meet all of the requirements to support an unban. Throughout the video, your character freezes at the following timestamps: 0:38, 1:24 - 1:31, 1:38 - 1:45, 2:36 - 2:51, and finally 3:05 - 3:11. Other lag spikes are visible, but we are focusing on these moments where you stop moving entirely. These all share one particular characteristic: they happen as soon as you jump off a block or right when you're about to move from one block to another (in some of them close to the border of said blocks). This characteristic is too repetitive - almost like a pattern - to be considered strictly as a cause of lag. As you can see in timestamp 1:26, knockback from the arrows that landed on you is completely gone. Even though this does happen with lag, the great majority of times this knockback is registered once recovered from lag, meaning you would've fallen off the blocks into the void. This is repeated again at 1.38 and 2:36 where you completely stop in the air, losing all momentum generated from sprinting forward. The other most common scenario would be being lagged back to your original position, which does not happen during these freezes. These effects are much likely a clear representation of conflict with Safewalk, which prevents you from going over the mere edge of a block. 2. Breezily bridge In this part, we will take into consideration two clips: 1:59 to 2:12 and 3:37 to 3:41 In the first clip, your technique of breezily is inconsistent. Several stutters are visible, but the most important ones happen during 2:05 and 2:06 where you stop directly at the edge of the last block placed, almost as if something is preventing you from falling to the void. This same event happens again during 2:09 and 2:10 where you literally stand, while still moving backwards and coming to a perfect stop, at the very corner of the last block. YouTube's frame-by-frame feature, using the < and > keys or the , and . keys depending on your keyboard layout, can be used for even closer analysis. In the second clip, which is still the strongest element of the evidence, shows yet again a clear depiction of safewalk. Precisely at 3:37 (where you start placing blocks while going backwards and unshifted) up until you finish the bridge you are not breezily bridging but rather godbridging. This technique, specially at the diagonal angle you seem to be using it, is tremendously harder than breezily. It requires a dramatic clicking speed and much more controlled aim since you have to place blocks on a smaller surface target. Regardless of this, the biggest indicator of safewalk happens between 3:37 and 3:39 where you place three wood blocks to the left while looking at a diagonal angle, all of this without falling off. Without a doubt, safewalk is definitely being used. This clip alone is more than enough proof to warrant your ban. 3. Ban Evasion While the new footage was being analyzed, it came to my attention that a fellow moderator found and banned an alternate account of yours by the name of "SillyPandaGirl". Warzone has zero tolerance for ban evasion regardless of duration, intention, or reason. If you're banned, you are not supposed to join the server under any circumstance. For this final reason, any chances of your appeal being accepted are now inexistent. With all of the above explained, your appeal remains denied. This decision is final. I recommend you do not appeal until a few months have passed (at the very least). The post will remain open for 24 hours in case you have any other inquiries.
  2. Unbanned Closing appeal
  3. Appeal accepted All bans for "Ban Evasion" are issued under the strict assumption that the player being banned is evading a ban received on an alternate account. In this case, the account "sir_egole" was linked to your IP and shown as your alternate account. This might be due to a mistake by Minehut (they mask all IPs), the use of a VPN, etc. On that matter, before unbanning you, please state if you do use a VPN, proxy, or anything else that might affect your connection to the server that might've caused this issue. Whatever you reply with will not affect the state of your appeal. - TBG
  4. Appeal denied Evidence of Safewalk The clip above clearly shows Safewalk being used, specifically during seconds 0:12 to 0:16 This appeal will remain open for further inquiries.
  5. Hello! I'd like to inform you that I've decided to accept your appeal. However, your ban will not be lifted until you confirm you understand the following points I'll explain to you. First, regarding ban evasion, we treat it for what it is. This means that a player "evading" is bypassing (or attempting to bypass) a punishment that was issued to him/her in any way, shape, or form. In the case of bans, it means using an alternative account (alt) to able to join the server and play, thus bypassing the ban. I have confirmed that the ban issued on your alt (or the account you used) was issued over 6 months ago, which is plenty of time. However, you also recognized that you did in fact use the account for other purposes, but that doesn't exempt you from evading. If the actual owner of the account joined Warzone to cheat and got banned, the ban will also have effect in any other accounts linked to it. This is your case as your IP was linked to the banned account and also means you had previously joined Warzone with it, regardless if you or the original owner were cheating at the time or not. For these reasons, and according to the rules, you were banned for "Ban Evasion" We, moderators, admins, and the rest of the staff team, work as volunteers on Warzone. It is a community effort to keep the server running. Moderators, in this case, who are also the ones who issue the majority of punishments, receive no payment or compensation to do so. We, as all other players, are obligated to follow all rules regardless of our position, it just happens that we are there to enforce them. Moreover, we also like to play the games Warzone offers, but also have other aspects of life to attend to outside of Minecraft. It is for this reason that we are not online 24/7 and cannot attend all staff related activities (reports, appeals, hackers online) as efficiently or as quickly as we would like to do so. I would like you to keep this in mind before posting a statement like this again. It should also be mentioned that all users of the Minehut forums are able to see these appeals, which is why views can grow rapidly. Lastly, while checking your NameMC page and #server-chat on Discord to confirm that you have been indeed playing for a long time, I realized that your story checks out. However, please try to maintain good behavior while playing or interacting with the community as another staff member might not give you the chance I am offering. This appeal will remain open until you post a reply confirming you have read what I've written in its entirety and understand everything mentioned. Upon posting said reply, the appeal will be locked and I will revert your punishment. Any other questions are also accepted. - TBG
  6. Hello! Sorry for the extremely late reply. The staff member that issued your ban was moved to another position and is no longer able to handle your appeal. Due to your recent activity on the server, your story seems plausible. Your appeal has been accepted. You are now unbanned.
  7. Thanks for the report! Accepted Hacker banned
  8. Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Your appeal has been denied. You were warned verbally several times and had previous punishment history because of toxicity. You may appeal again in 2 weeks.
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