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  1. Hello there! It certainly has been a long time before you received a reply, so I considered you at least deserve some closure. As it is standard procedure, I apologize on behalf of the staff team for the extremely late reply. In regards to your appeal being ignored, I really am not in a position to confirm nor deny it. I have been very inactive myself so I am not specifically up to date with the server. The current world situation has affected everyone and it seems you have affected your appeal as well. Hopefully you understand. As you might also have noticed, the general activity o
  2. Appeal accepted Unbanned
  3. Player contacted me personally through Discord DMs for further inquiries. We reached an understanding and the decision will remain as it was. Locking appeal.
  4. Hello there. To begin, I've removed the replies you posted alongside MWQ's reply. These are unnecessary and not supposed to happen. If you have something to add to your appeal, please add it through the Edit feature in the original post. In regards to your appeal: I did in fact read your previous appeal (the one without format, this was not removed by me by the way). I'm glad that you and Piinoy were just playing and did not mean any harm. Hopefully you guys can maintain a friendly relationship. However, your mute goes over several reasons, not just the recent reports again
  5. User punished. Thanks for the report!
  6. Hello! Sorry for the late response. After you posted your reply, I set myself to the task of compiling several different clips of footage so that a more comprehensive and complete analysis could take place. The final video was posted on the staff Discord and was reviewed by several members of the staff team. With that said, we reached several conclusions that I will explain shortly. Video here 1. Lag While your claim of lagging is correct, it does not meet all of the requirements to support an unban. Throughout the video, your character freezes at the following timestamps: 0:38, 1:2
  7. Unbanned Closing appeal
  8. Appeal accepted All bans for "Ban Evasion" are issued under the strict assumption that the player being banned is evading a ban received on an alternate account. In this case, the account "sir_egole" was linked to your IP and shown as your alternate account. This might be due to a mistake by Minehut (they mask all IPs), the use of a VPN, etc. On that matter, before unbanning you, please state if you do use a VPN, proxy, or anything else that might affect your connection to the server that might've caused this issue. Whatever you reply with will not affect the state of your appeal.
  9. Appeal denied Evidence of Safewalk The clip above clearly shows Safewalk being used, specifically during seconds 0:12 to 0:16 This appeal will remain open for further inquiries.
  10. Hello! I'd like to inform you that I've decided to accept your appeal. However, your ban will not be lifted until you confirm you understand the following points I'll explain to you. First, regarding ban evasion, we treat it for what it is. This means that a player "evading" is bypassing (or attempting to bypass) a punishment that was issued to him/her in any way, shape, or form. In the case of bans, it means using an alternative account (alt) to able to join the server and play, thus bypassing the ban. I have confirmed that the ban issued on your alt (or the account you used) was i
  11. Hello! Sorry for the extremely late reply. The staff member that issued your ban was moved to another position and is no longer able to handle your appeal. Due to your recent activity on the server, your story seems plausible. Your appeal has been accepted. You are now unbanned.
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